6 Various types of Sativa Strains

Cannabis sativa has been the most popular type of marijuana plant used to make marijuana, but other types of Cannabis, such as Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. When used for its psychoactive effects, marijuana is primarily burnt and smoked or consumed orally. The main psychoactive element of marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a cannabinoid that causes relaxation, mild exhilaration, drowsiness, and sensory deprivation. In addition to THC, marijuana contains over 80 other cannabinoids such as cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabivarin.

There are also various types of sativa strains that are equally impressive as indica strains. Below are some examples of some of the most commonly used strains.


Green Crack Punch

It is a feminised cannabis seed resulting from a cross between a Purple Punch and a Green Crack. The eventual hybrid is the ideal combination of Purple Punch’s Indica potency and Green Crack’s head stimulation. Her effect is undeniably strong and stimulating, responsible for keeping you up at night for hours on end. But don’t get too confident, because it will become more physically relaxing over time.


Haze Berry

It is a traditional cannabis strain that incorporates the flavour of Blueberry with the high cerebral effect of Haze. The treated buds have a natural sweetness, and the energising spike is ideal for those who need to get things done during the day. Haze Berry produces high yields, and its Sativa growing attributes result in massive plants that fill out both outdoor and indoor gardens beautifully.


Amnesia Mac Ganja

This strain is a world-class champion known for leaving smokers satisfied and at ease. It’s a potent cross between the notorious Amnesia and Ganja Mac Haze, and it’s a great strain for anyone looking for a nice fill without the discomfort. AMG contains approximately 22% THC and has cbd oil uk a deliciously spicy, earthy, herbal taste and texture. It’s one of the most popular strains in European coffee shops, and you’ll see why once you try it.


Mother Gorilla

It is a sativa strain created by crossing a Chem Sis, a Sour Dubb, and a Chocolate Diesel. An unintentional cross resulted in the development of this extraordinary strain born in the United States. This marijuana plant’s fierce character is primarily defined by its incredibly high THC content, ranging from 24 per cent to 27 per cent. Royal Gorilla’s aroma is profoundly sweet, with signs of earthly flavours, lemon and pine. Her taste is just right. Her physical/mental effect is nearly twisted extracts perfect, which means it is incredibly physically soothing and evident and refreshing. She’s also an excellent option for medicinal use due to her comforting and soothing properties.



This top Sativa strain is related to Amnesia Haze and Royal Gorilla genetically. Shogun was cultivated for efficacy, and it typically has THC levels of up to 25%. Although Shogun is an invigorating sativa, its strong physical high makes it ideal for calming the mind and body. It’s also very easy to produce and thrives both indoors and outdoors in a variety of climates. Shogun’s aroma combines earthy and pine notes for a revitalising physical sensation.


El Patron

The result of an AMG, a highly stimulating Sativa strain, and a Shiva, a full-on Indica with soothing qualities, is a completely balanced 60 per cent Sativa 40 per cent Indica variation with a must-try citrusy flavour. Users will feel a consistent creativity-inspiring and soothing Sativa/Indica result. It’s no surprise that everyone adores her at any time of day, whether it’s for social interaction at a gathering or for times when you need to ease your mind and relax.


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