Habits That Can Help in Getting Better Sleep

Insomnia is not an alien concept for Indians. According to the Free Press Journal, since Covid-19 started, 37% of Indian adults have had difficulty in falling asleep. Additionally, experiencing an irregular sleeping cycle on a routine basis can cause many health issues. The medical complications include an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases. Another health risk you face is increased mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and frustration. Moreover, there is shortened life expectancy, a higher risk for medical conditions, and never-ending fatigue.

However, there are a variety of reasons that contribute to the disturbed sleeping patterns of Indians. Thus, to improve your sleep cycle, following the below-mentioned sleeping tips can prove useful.

Detox from the Smartphones 

One of the last activities people do before falling asleep is to spend time on their phones. Individuals have a habit of scrolling through social media or watching videos until they fall asleep. This addiction to using the phones before going to bed results in irregular sleep. Hence, keeping your phones aside is important to give your minds considerable time to relax. Minimising digital exposure is an important step that can help you in sleeping like a baby.

Balanced & nutritious Diet 

Consuming a balanced diet is also essential for a sound sleep at night. The secret to wellbeing is consuming the right supplements and a fibre-enriched diet. However, if you are unable to do so,Beauty Sleep gummies from Nyumi can be the perfect supplement for the missing nutrients in the body. Nyumi is a one-stop shop for fulfilling your daily nutrition requirements. And to start with, you can savour Nyumi’s Beauty Sleep gummies to relive those peaceful sleep days. These gummies are packed with Melatonin, L- Theanine, Tagara roots, and Camomile, which are designed to also help restore  your skin’s health while you’re asleep. 

Coffee in the late evenings is a strict no-no 

Consuming caffeine late in the evenings is the biggest enemy of healthy sleep. This addictive beverage can stimulate your nervous system and also curb your body’s natural relaxing tendency. A research article on Circadian Rhythms, suggests that caffeine interferes with circadian melatonin rhythms, delaying the onset of sleep if consumed close to bedtime. Thus, it becomes hard for you to fall asleep. Therefore, it is essential that you stop consuming coffee in the evenings, and also include limited caffeine intake for the day for healthy sleeping.

Cut down on your daily naps

Taking an afternoon sleep, especially after a heavy lunch can feel satisfying but it can disturb your night sleep. As per recent findings, in a research paper published on PubMed, naps of less than 30 min duration confer several benefits, whereas longer naps are associated with a loss of productivity and sleep inertia. Sleeping in the daytime can alter your body clock and confuse it instead. Thus, long daytime naps are not advisable if you want to relish a good night’s sleep.  

Optimising bedroom environment 

A calm and relaxing room environment can help you get some sound sleep. The factors that can affect your bedroom’s aura are lighting, temperature, external noise, and furniture arrangement. For these reasons, ensure that your room eliminates any artificial sources of light and sound. Also, keeping your room clean and well ventilated can get you good quality sleep. Fresh air and happy vibes always add to your good sleeping routine. 

Put your neck in neutral 

Have you been waking up with severe pain and neck stiffness? This can be due to the stress caused to your neck while binge-watching which leads to the occurrence of muscle spasms around your neck. Another reason can be a poor quality pillow or long working hours on the table. However, to improve the strain, maintaining an upright posture that will also keep your spine unaffected can reduce the spasm. Also in such a condition, using a right-sized and soft pillow for healthy sleeping can essentially support your neck’s natural curve. A good pillow will add to the overall well-being of your sleep cycle, also, adding to your daily health status. 

By following the above steps you can change your sleep cycle for the better. A healthy night’s sleep assists in improved brain functioning and learning ability. It also facilitates revitalised emotional health and decreases signs of irritability and anxiety. Moreover, you will experience enhanced focus, better mood, and productivity levels at work. Indulge in a deep sleep to take on your next day in high spirits and energy. A good night’s sleep will also enable your body’s improved repair mechanism.

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