Girls, Drink Your Way to Fitness and Health with These 3 Best Protein Powders for Women

Protein powders are considered stars of the supplements world for people looking to lose weight, gain muscle, and improve athletic performance.

These supplements are gaining popularity with women as well. Australian protein powder is now marketed and designed specifically for women.

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These supplements are an effective tool for women looking to get rid of fat, tone up, and improve their strength. Moreover, protein powders are a convenient and healthy addition to meals.

But the wide-ranging protein powders available can overwhelm even the smartest of shoppers. It leaves women wondering what products best suit their needs. This article discusses the best types of protein powder for women, plus additional information on how to select a quality product.

The health of Australian women

Australian females experience different health concerns compared to Australian males. Women have a higher life expectancy. They experience more of their disease burden because of living with the disease rather than dying early of either illness or injury. It is recommended that Australian women invest in their health and fitness and incorporate Australian protein powder into their diet as they advance in age.


  • Whey protein

Whey protein is one of the most well-known protein powders, and for a good reason. It is a digestible milk-derived protein with the entire spectrum of essential amino acids the body requires.

Whey protein supplements promote weight loss, build muscle, and mitigate hunger in both men and women.

According to a study of overweight adults, incorporating 56 g of whey protein per day resulted in a five-pound fat loss compared to similar amounts of soy, protein, and carbohydrates.

Moreover, whey protein reduces ghrelin which is a hormone that stimulates appetite. It may explain why whey protein is highly effective in reducing hunger and helping with weight loss. 

Australians of all ages may have to improve their diet and nutrition. According to data, they generally have a poor diet. They are not consuming enough of the five food groups. Also, Aussies eat too many salt and sugar-loaded foods. Low fruit and vegetable consumption are risk factors for heart diseases, type II diabetes, and obesity. Incorporating protein powders in meals is a good option since it provides crucial protein without unhealthy fat.  Steroids UK

  • Collagen

Collagen is a newcomer in the world of protein powders. Collagen is considered a multipurpose supplement since it is a rich protein source that also helps mitigate joint pain, increases muscle strength, and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

Collagen powders available on the market are typically extracted from the skin or bones of animals such as cows or the scales and skin of fish. 

Collagen typically packs in 80 g to 70 g of protein per serving. It is broken down into tinier pieces called peptides to make them more bioabsorbable. Many of these powders are hydrolyzed. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for women looking to kick up their intake of this critical nutrient.


  • Egg White Protein

Whole eggs promote optimal amounts of nutrients. Consuming white eggs, which is almost pure protein, is beneficial to health. Egg white protein powder is becoming a well-known supplement for boosting protein intake and enhancing athletic performance.

Like whey protein, egg white protein is a source of branched-chain amino acids that aid in muscle growth.

Australians may have to change their diet and eat healthier. According to data from the CSIRO, Aussies’ diets are worse than first believed. They scored only 59 out of 100 in the Healthy Diet Score looking at the eating habits of more than 86,500 adults across the country.



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