7 Ways to Dress Modern for Work


Getting ready for work is stressful when you run out of ideas on what to wear. As a result, companies are switching from dressing appropriately to a business casual look. 


But does it diminish the pressure and anxiety on choosing suitable workwear? No. Options mean more stress, more worries, and more headaches. 


New Workplace Dress Code


Wearing the proper work dresses for work can boost performance. Aside from receiving compliments, dressing up appropriately causes an increase in productivity. Moreover, it develops positive reinforcement for the workplace, especially when you feel relaxed with what you wear. 


With the current fashion trends, you are no longer required to sacrifice comfort for style. Instead, fashion gurus nowadays are incorporating convenience, comfort, and style with the design. That style trend is called modern fashion styling.


What is Best with Modern Fashion Styling?


Modern styling means dressing up in your unique style, like pairing a pencil skirt with an oversized t-shirt and more. This kind of styling is very functional, practical, and creative. It saves you time in the morning while still looking sharp, edgy, and sophisticated for work. 


It is good to have a simple style but still look professional at the same time. With work styling, you have two things to consider, how fast you can mix and match outfit pieces yet still looking effortless and chic.


Here are the seven modern styling tips and recommendations to help you reorganise your daily dress essentials and techniques.


So here is a list of ways to dress modern even in the workplace.


  1. Button Down, Silk or Truffle Top, Cropped Jeans, and Heels. For days when you feel extra casual for work, especially on fly days. It is a perfect combination of business casual and on-trend style. You don’t have to change your outfit from work when you need to hang out with friends or colleagues.
  2. Cardigan Dress, Knitted Dress, or Floral/Printed Maxi Dress. There will always be lazy days. When you don’t know what to wear, don a maxi or midi dress, a simple on-the-go outfit for every lazy occasion. Style tip, you can also pair it with black pants underneath and pump heels or high boots.


  1. Blazer and Jeans. To instantly level up your look, a blazer will always come in handy. Layer them with your current work dresses, and you are ready to go. For the Fall season, wear boots instead.


  1. Turtleneck and Trousers. You can also layer a cozy outfit for work by matching turtlenecks with blazers, trench coats, or other accessories for added style. Perfect for the people who opt for that sophisticated and minimalist look.


  1. Sweaters and Pencil Skirts. A flattering, cute, and cozy outfit. Insert more drama by adding textures, colours, and statement heels or shoes.


  1. Relaxed Jeans, Bold Tops, and Socked Boots or Heels. Be casual and forward with this outfit. Perfect when you are at a field set-up or site visits.


  1. Solid Tops, Khakis, and Sharp-Pointed Heels. Camel-toned pieces are more subtle than denim. It is a versatile item that you can easily mix-match and layered on. It looks better when paired with pointed heels.


Follow these suggested modern work dress codes to innovate your look, and try to add a bit and piece of your style.


There is nothing wrong with changing your work fashion style, as you don’t violate your company’s dress code, then go! You can rock that modern look and consistently achieve the best days of your life through what you wear.



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