Employee Engagement: The Benefits and How to Establish It in The Corporate World

For those of you who have been in the corporate world for some time, the term employee engagement is no stranger to you. Employee engagement is a high emotional and intellectual attachment between employees and their jobs, company, managers, and colleagues. If the employee feels they have a choice, they will act further for the benefit of the company. Employees feel enthusiastic about doing their work and do not feel burdened by it. Simply put, this is what is called employee engagement. 

What are the Benefits of Employee Engagement?

There is no doubt that employee engagement has a significant effect on the company. Among them are increased employee productivity, profitability, being able to retain employees better, improving customer satisfaction, and company success. With proper employee engagement, it will successfully influence employees and their emotional attachment to the company.


Employees who have a high degree of engagement will also have a high emotional attachment to the company. This emotional attachment will directly affect when employees complete their work. The desire to leave their job will also be low.

How to increase Employee Engagement?

After knowing the benefits of employee engagement, you may start wondering what you can do to increase employee engagement. We have summarized various effective strategies that you can apply to create bonds between employees and the company.

  • Give Opportunity to Speak

For employees to feel included as part of the team, give them a voice to have an opinion. After all, employees are the lifeblood of the company. That is why employees are the main priority of the office.


Sometimes they might feel hesitant to share what is in their thoughts, thus you need to be able to establish an environment in your team where all members can have the assurance that they can share what’s in their thoughts without worry. The more employees give you insight, the greater the employee engagement in the company is achieved.

  • Give Awards

Another powerful strategy that can be used is to reward employees. Don’t just focus on giving punishments when employees are unable to do the work they are ordered to do. In addition to giving punishment, you should also give rewards to employees who achieved or exceeded expectations for their performance. 


No matter how small the form of the award, it will be meaningful for the workers. Employees will feel appreciated for their hard work and subconsciously emotional attachment is slowly fostered. 

  • Embed Fundamental Values

A professional company must equate the vision and mission by upholding one sacred value from the beginning of its establishment. Every workplace can have different views, but the point is that the existence of these values ​​is the basis for behaving and working.


When the values ​​are applied thoroughly, then anyone will return every problem from the value point of view. Everything becomes clear in perspective because the company’s vision and mission are based on these values.

  • Decent Incentives

Money matters must be an important concern to maintain employee performance. Good salaries and benefits are very important for the performance of employees. But unfortunately, sometimes, some companies do not realize the importance of this. They only provide minimum wages without benefits, while giving work obligations that can be considered quite heavy. 


If you do this, it will be hard for your company to retain its employees for a long time. Because like it or not, we have to understand that decent incentives play a good role in ensuring employees can engage better in the company. They will feel more appreciated if the company can value them more through a higher salary.

  • Provide a Clean and Tidy Workspace

When we work in a clean and tidy environment, the effectiveness and efficiency of work will be better maintained. This is because a clean workspace will make it easier for us to work more optimally in a shorter time. A clean workspace also tends to be more disease free, thus your employee health will also be covered. 


Ensuring employees can work at appropriate workspaces is also another way to show that you respect and want to provide the employee with the best working facilities. To achieve this, you should hire the best commercial office cleaning that can help to provide you with the best corporate clean service.

  • Cover Health Insurance

Salaries alone won’t be sufficient, you should also give other incentives in the form of proper insurance for your employees. Employees not only take their time to make the company move forward, but also sacrifice their energy and thoughts. Especially for companies in the field of heavy work, employee engagement in the company can be created by paying attention to the physical health of employees. The higher the risk of a job, the higher the health benefits that profession should get.

  • A Promising Career Path

Providing promising career paths for each profession is also as important. People certainly won’t accept responsibility when they know their future is unclear. If in 5 to 10 years they continue to be in the same position, then it is only natural for them to walk away to find another promising career path.


Some employees may no longer have a choice, so even if their career doesn’t develop, they still stay. However, this shows that there is a failure in creating employee engagement in the company because welfare is not achieved.

  • Leadership Training

5he company cycle cannot be avoided, where if you are now the leader, there will be a new generation later. Create leadership training so that future generations do not make small or fatal mistakes that are detrimental to the company. 


The 8 strategies above will help to create the most comfortable work environment possible that can increase employee engagement. When employees feel well-off from their superiors, loyalty is very easy to obtain. This loyalty is a form of successful employee engagement in the company. 


Thus, every company certainly wants the effect of employee engagement to be felt by their employees. Because various benefits can be achieved starting from employee productivity to satisfying work results. 

The strategy to increase employee engagement in the company is an important key to achieving a harmonious work environment. Through a harmonious work environment, it is easier to achieve office goals that have been introduced to employees from the start.


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