Emberify: How to Use Instagram’s New Messaging Features?

Instagram is one of the most excellent social media platforms that have recently surpassed 1.2 billion users worldwide. As the app has worldwide popularity, it is dynamically changing its interfaces to make it user-friendly. The app is basically used for posting different pictures, videos, etc. If you want to popularize on the platform, you need to get Instagram video views, accelerating your presence. In the same way, Instagram serves as an excellent communication system. You can directly message any person you want through Instagram. It also helps to keep up the competition of the business. 

Instagram is one of the well-established firms, and no updates come without a proper reason. Among new updates, one of the essential things is messaging feature. From this article, you may learn all the new messaging features and insights on how to use them. With these features, you can sure have significant interaction with others. Let’s get started!

Instagram’s New Features


  1. Reply While You Browse


Instagram cannot message you when you are looking through other content. So it would be best if you jumped onto the chat to message a particular person. But now the worries are over. As an update, the app shows you a notification when you get any message. So, for example, if you are watching a reel and get a message, the app will notify you in the same spot you are in. So you can tap on the notification and shall reply to the person. Isn’t it quite helpful? The main advantage is that people will continue watching their good feeds, and engagement rates will remain the same. So feel chill and enjoy messaging!


  1. Have a Quick Sharing of Posts


All Instagram users have quite a lot of friends on their lists. People usually have a selective user with whom they share any pics, videos, or messages frequently. The new quick share feature on Instagram has allowed users to tap a single button and enjoy the message share. The advantage is that you can manually select the sender from your vast list of followers. When you click on the arrow-like send button, the app shows frequent messages’ profiles. You can choose them, and the message will automatically send to them. 


  1. Friend’s Activity Status


When you open the messaging tab, you can check who is online at the top. Seeing a friend online will encourage you to start a conversation. From now upon, you can see a list of friends online with their profiles appearing with the green dot. Now Instagram users do not need a doubt whether the sender is online or not. Moreover, if you want to send quick DMs, you can tap on the active people and send them. 


  1. Integrate Music


The new music integration feature is where you can make Instagram DM’s more interesting. Now you can send a 30-second preview of any song so your friend can play and listen directly from your chat. Instagram has partnered with Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple music, so it’s quite a great integration. 


  1. Send Messages Without Notifications


Now you can send messages to your recipients without alerting them. You can send your followers a silent message by adding ‘@silent’ in your message. Now people can send messages without bothering others with unwanted notifications. Moreover, the app makes the users chat without any disturbances. It is quite a significant improvement. 


  1. New Lo-Fi Chat Themes


Are you an Instagram user bored of looking at the same themes? Just chill! Instagram is now with new Lo-fi chat themes. It has added a layer of much-needed customizations. These themes will differ for chats based on the specific person or group chat. These themes will make you feel more personal. It also sheds a pleasant and relaxing aura for chatting. You can add Lo-fi chat themes by using the simple instructions below, 


  • Open your Instagram DM. 
  • Tap on the Info button at the top right corner. 
  • You will see chat settings, tap on it and select the Lo-fi theme. 
  • So now you get an elegant Lo-fi theme applied to your Instagram. 


  1. Create an Instagram Poll


It is possible to create polls in group chats. For instance, if your class has an Instagram group and you plan to go on a trip, you can use this poll feature and finalize your trip destination. Woohoo! It is easy to take suggestions from different people. First, you need to create a poll with various options, and then the app provides you with the percentage of results. 


You have to open your group chats, tap on the stickers, and select poll. Now enter the question and add options as well. Once you are done, tap on Create poll. Now it is posted on the group chat. Even for businesses, deciding on their next launch is quite a good option. So if you are a business person who needs to accelerate your Instagram growth, then try using Emberify, and you shall gain huge perks. 


  1. Inbox Saw the Status


It is slightly more accessible for users to see whether the recipient has viewed their message. A text snippet will confirm whether they have seen your message. This feature has already available to Instagram users, but it is quite a quality improvement. Let’s make the best use of Instagram message features! 


Wrapping Thoughts


These features have currently been rolled out in selected countries. However, it will soon be widely available to countries worldwide. These new features will help you stay tuned for fun ways to connect with your closest friends. On the whole, the new messaging features help businesses remain associated with their customers. Instead, you can use Emberify to increase your visibility. We hope the article outlines the new Instagram messaging features that might need to be discovered by more Instagram users. So next time you open the Instagram app, try using these features. Thanks for reading! Leave your feedback below! Get messaging more interesting!

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