Questions To Ask A Company Before Buying Their Facebook page For Sale

Questions To Ask A Company Before Buying Their Facebook page For Sale

If you want to buy a facebook page with likes, you have to make sure that you buy it from a company that is reliable and worthy of your hard earned money. There are actually a lot of companies selling Facebook pages but of course, not all of them are here to provide the kind of service you are looking for. However, you may visit Earthweb to increase your own Facebook likes instantly.

Primarily, it is the instagram ads facebook you want to take advantage hence you want to buy a Facebook page that is already qualified for that. With this, all the more you have to be vigilant when choosing which among the companies would you like to buy a Facebook page from. 

The best way to compare one company from the other is asking questions. Some are hesitant to ask questions as they know it will take a lot of their time, but considering that the questions you ask are relevant to the service you will receive, there is no reason exerting effort doing so. 

To help you get started with questions to ask, here are a few of the most important questions to ask a company where you plan to buy your Facebook page from:

  • What if the Facebook page I purchase gets banned? 

Just so you know, Facebook pages can get banned even with just one posted video. If the page was banned because of the video they posted, you have the right to ask for another page or for a full money back, but if it is banned because of the video or content you posted, then there is no one that should be held liable to it than yourself. 

To make further clarifications about this matter, it is best if you ask it directly from the company. Ask how they handle banned pages and your assurance that the page will be working fine once it was turned over to you. 

  • What are the other services you offer? 

Apart from selling Facebook pages, what are the other services they offer? A one stop shop or a company where you can buy everything you need to boost your page’s performance and credibility is a good choice. 

Actually, this information should be available on their website, but just in case you are not satisfied with what you see, you are actually free to ask. 

  • Availability of your customer service

You may also want to ask availability of their customer service. How long does their customer service operate? What are the customer service contact information you can reach? Customer service is very important when buying Facebook pages, or generally when you are hiring any service or buying any item. Asking this is necessary so you would know how to reach them when needed.

  • What are the payment options available?

Although this information is also available on their website, asking it is still recommended especially if you do not see the payment option you wished to use. Since transactions will happen virtually, using the payment option most comfortable to you is a must. 


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