Debunking the Most Common SEO Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Most Common SEO Myths That Exist Today

SEO — it’s the talk of the 21st century. Without SEO, a small business owner doesn’t have a fighting chance in competing against big businesses and competitors. Are you aware that 3/4 internet users never make it past the first page of search results?

However, as with any extremely popular endeavor, there’s a lot of speculation out there about SEO. People who just don’t quite understand it wind up spreading rumors through the marketing industry.

This article will teach you a bit about SEO by walking through some of the most prominent SEO myths out there today.

It’s Impossible to Control Search Engine Position

This is the biggest SEO myth out there because it effectively says that SEO does not exist.

We assure you, it does exist.

Just think about it. Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It got that way by not just providing users with the speediest results, but the most relevant results as well. Google wants its users to wind up on the pages that they’re looking for because it means people have a good experience on Google. 

When Google looks for content to prioritize, it mainly looks at two things — relevance, and quality. If someone winds up on a site that doesn’t have specific relevance to what they’re searching for, they will leave it. If someone winds up on a site that’s relevant, but boring, they will leave it as well.

SEO, from Google’s standpoint, is simply putting its best foot forward, and helping people find the best search engine results. For more information on check out this article by an expert SEO company.

Vocal SEO Doesn’t Matter

SEO updates as search engine technology updates. Many people, however, don’t believe that vocal searches can possibly affect search engine results. You can see their point; after all, why would Google show you different things because you spoke instead of type?

However, what people who spread this information fail to realize is, Google doesn’t change anything, you do.

That’s right, vocal SEO matters because people communicate differently when speaking. Evidence shows that when people speak they often make use of repetition, speak in less complex sentences, and even choose different words.

Vocal SEO involves choosing keywords to use on your website that reflect the ways that people would speak, instead of type. We recommend hiring an expert SEO company to help you do the analytics on this. However, to get a quick sample of the differences, ask people what terms they would use to search for your products, and see what they come up with.

Understand SEO Myths

As you can see, there are some SEO myths circulating today that spread misunderstandings of how SEO works. We assure you that it’s possible to control your search engine position and that vocal SEO does, in fact, matter.

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