Electricians: What is it Like to be One?

An electrician is a tradesperson who designs, installs, maintains, and troubleshoots electrical wiring systems. These individuals work in homes, businesses, and industrial buildings and may also fix machines or equipment. Work duties vary based on where the electrician is working and whether they choose to specialize in a particular area. What does a person need to know before embarking on a career in this field? What is it like to be an electrician?

Educational Requirements

A person may not begin the journey to become an electrician without the necessary education. This person must first obtain a high school diploma or GED. Once this document has been obtained, they can choose to take part in an apprenticeship or attend trade school.

Many individuals choose the trade school route because the time spent in school is credited toward their apprenticeship. A person who attends trade school often learns more about the theory and the student still receives hands-on training.

Apprenticeships tend to teach more practical skills. To learn more about an electrician trade school and what it offers, a person may visit www.electricianinformationresource.com/electrician-trade-schools.

Duties of an Electrician

Electricians may be asked to do numerous things as they carry out their work. They often need to read blueprints and technical diagrams to install or maintain an electrical system. At times, they are called on to inspect electrical components or identify electrical problems. When doing so, they use various testing devices.

If a problem is found, the electrician will repair or replace the necessary components. All work they complete must comply with the National Electrical Code. In addition, an electrician may be responsible for overseeing other electricians as part of their job duties.

Work Environment

The choice of employer plays a role in the work environment, as a person working in a residential setting encounters different conditions than a person working in an industrial setting. An electrician may be asked to work indoors or out. In addition, they may find themselves in cramped spaces or at great heights.

A person must be prepared to spend time traveling to different job sites, where they may encounter dust, debris, fumes, and more. Most electricians work full time, although those who are self-employed may choose their own hours.

Electrician Salary

One reason many people choose to enter this field is they want stable employment and a paycheck they can live on. The job outlook for this field remains positive, with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating employment for electricians will increase by nine percent by the end of the decade.

In May 2021, the median wage for an electrician in America was $60,040. However, the pay a person makes depends in part on where they are employed. For example, electricians in government services brought home a median wage of $63, 640. On the other end of the spectrum, individuals employed as electricians in employment services earned a median wage of $47,440 in May 2021. People need to take this into consideration when choosing where to seek a job when they obtain their electrician’s license.

Working as an electrician is a rewarding career. Men and women seeking employment in this field know they are helping others every day. Electricity is essential today, and electricians ensure people have access to service when it’s needed. Learn more today to see if a career as an electrician is the right move.

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