6 Must-Have Animated Explainer Videos for Business

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary business communication, animated explainer videos have emerged as an indispensable and influential tool, adept at capturing attention and effectively conveying messages. Notably, businesses in Australia, exemplified by industry leaders like WeMov, a prominent video production service, have eagerly embraced this trend, recognizing its potential to significantly enhance their communication strategies. Within the following content, we will delve into the exploration of the six must-have animated explainer videos tailored for businesses, shedding illuminating insights on their multifaceted benefits and offering valuable guidance on how these videos can genuinely elevate your brand presence.

1. The Introductory Video: Welcoming Your Audience

In the digital realm, forging a lasting and memorable first impression is paramount. The introductory animated explainer video serves as a virtual handshake, skillfully introducing your business, elucidating its core values, and articulating its mission. Acknowledging the pivotal role of this video type in establishing a robust online presence, it is imperative to craft a visually arresting narrative that seamlessly integrates brand colors, logo elements, and a compelling script. This synergy is designed to captivate and engage viewers right from the initial moments, setting a positive and enduring tone for the audience’s journey with your brand.

2. Product or Service Showcase: Bringing Offerings to Life

When potential customers visit your website, they seek a comprehensive understanding of products or services. An animated explainer video showcasing your offerings can significantly enhance their experience. Break down complex concepts into digestible information, utilizing animation to simplify intricate processes. The expertise of WeMov, a trusted name in animation videos, ensures that these videos not only captivate your audience but also leave a lasting impact.

3. How-To Tutorials: Simplifying Complexity

In the vast expanse of online queries, the phrase “How to” stands out as one of the most frequently searched. Leverage this pervasive trend by crafting animated explainer videos that offer comprehensive step-by-step tutorials on effectively utilizing your products or services. Esteemed experts in the realm of video production recommend the incorporation of vibrant visuals, lucid instructions, and a dash of humor to not only educate but also maintain your audience’s active engagement. This strategic approach not only proves beneficial to your customers but also positions your brand as a credible authority within your industry, fostering a sense of reliability and expertise.

4. Testimonials and Case Studies: Building Trust

The establishment of trust with your audience hinges significantly on testimonials and case studies. Within the realm of video production services, there is a resounding emphasis on the impactful role of animated explainer videos in effectively showcasing success stories. Endeavor to create compelling narratives that feature satisfied customers, articulate their experiences, and highlight the positive outcomes they’ve realized through your products or services. This deliberate storytelling not only adds a layer of authenticity to your brand but also instills confidence in potential customers, solidifying your reputation as a reliable and results-driven entity within your industry.

5. Company Culture and Behind-the-Scenes: Humanizing Your Brand

In today’s market, consumers value transparency and authenticity. An animated explainer video offering a glimpse into your company culture and behind-the-scenes operations humanizes your brand. Creating a video that highlights your team, workplace culture, and the passion driving your business. This fosters a connection with your audience, making your brand more relatable and appealing.

6. FAQ Videos: Anticipating Customer Queries

Addressing frequently asked questions through animated explainer videos is a proactive way to assist your customers. Creating a video that succinctly addresses common queries, offering solutions and valuable information. This not only saves time for both your customers and support team but also demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, animated explainer videos are indispensable tools for modern businesses, providing a dynamic and engaging way to connect with audiences. By incorporating these six must-have animated explainer videos into your marketing strategy, you can effectively convey your message, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately elevate your brand in the competitive business landscape. Embrace the power of animation, and let your business story unfold in a visually compelling and memorable way.


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