Best Community Guided Artwork Website: Botto 

Best Community Guided Artwork Website: Botto 


A piece of art is appreciated by everyone. We all love observing various pieces of artwork. Art is itself a form of illustrating your feelings or values. So does a community artwork. Botto can be thought about as being a website that is an artist. Yes, you hear that right! It is a decentralised artist. It generates pieces of artwork based on the community’s feedback received. In simple words, it is an Artificial intelligence system whose work is based on algorithms and its major aim is to create. 


What are the pieces of artwork being produced? 


The pieces of art are not automatically created by the AI system. The main idea of the art being produced is based strictly on community feedback and guidelines. A community here refers to the one who decides whether an artwork produced by Botto can be regarded as an art or not. 


Releasing of the artwork by Botto


Botto produces 52 art pieces in one week. It then presents the same in front of the community. Collectively, they are referred to as a series. But when talked about individually, they are referred to as fragments. Currently, it has been decided by the website that it shall produce 52 pieces of artwork over 52 weeks. The first art piece is scheduled to be released on the 22nd of October. 


About the artwork auction 


The community votes for the artwork it finds pleasing and liable to be called an art. The community votes for the fragment pieces of art. Votes are cast individually. Whatever the individual finds pleasing enough as an artwork can be voted for by him. Botto uses votes as feedback from the community which allows it to know in which direction it should work. Votes from the community give them a clear perception about which direction they should drive their energy and which kind of artworks they should produce. 


The frequency of the auction 


Each week, it releases one piece of its artwork for the auction. So the auction takes place once a week. All the artworks from the auction are presented to the community itself. While on one side the auction continues, on the other sideit keeps producing their pieces of art to keep the process alive. The auction takes place on SuperRare once a week. 


How to vote for your favourite piece of artwork?


Getting started with Botto isn’t a big deal. You just need to understand the Ethereum blockchain and you will initiate it quite fast. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to know how to vote for your favourite artwork on the website:

  1. Start with setting up your Ethereum Wallet.
  2. Use Ether and start with funding your wallet. 
  3. Now get yourself some botto tokens.
  4. Further, deposit your collected tokens on the app. 
  5. Now you can vote for your favourite artwork that you find pleasing.


These are the simple 5 steps you need to follow to vote as a community. These steps would take around 20-25 minutes and you would be done. You can proceed with these steps on your desktop or laptop. 


Getting your Ethereum Wallet 


A lot of mechanisms of this website are made based on the Ethereum blockchain. This denotes the fact that you need to be familiar with the Ethereum blockchain to know how to vote and use this website. Read the steps to know how to get your own Ethereum wallet now:

  1. Start with installing Metamask. You need to use the browser extension and install MetaMask on your mobile phone. 


  1. Then proceed with setting up your wallet. As you complete installing MetaMask, a new browser tab opens. Click on the icon Get Started. As you are new to MetaMask, you need to click on create a wallet. In the next step, you need to set a password. Go through the terms and conditions and click on agree. 


  1. Lastly, Backup your wallet. This is the most important step. If you don’t back up your wallet, you may lose all your funds. You need to download the secret backup phrase and store it safely in your external storage. You also need to set a strong password to store the backup. Then click on the icon confirm and you are done. 


Tips on storing the backup safely


  • Save your wallet backup on various storage spaces. In case you become inaccessible to one storage place, you can switch to another and find out the same. 
  • Never share the secret password with anyone. The password is your personal information, so avoid sharing it. 
  • MetaMask will never ask for your private password. So even if someone pretends to be from MetaMask and asks you for the same, don’t provide it. 
  • If you want to backup your phrase again you can simply go to settings and then security. 


What are botto tokens?


Since we have talked about the tokens several times in this article, it’s also important to know what they are. Bottotokens will eventually help you on voting for your favourite piece of art on the website. 

Getting botto tokens is an easy process. If you have already funded your Ethereum wallet with some Ether, you would find no issues with getting botto tokens.


Getting Botto tokens is easy 


Follow the below-mentioned steps to get tokens smoothly. 

  • First, move to uniswap. Uniswap is an automated market maker. Just like it reads, Uniswap is a website for exchanging tokens with one another. In a simplified manner, you will be exchanging some of your Ether to get your tokens. 

  • You have to select ETH and BOTTO. You will be presented with a screen that will have two drop-down menus. In the first drop-down menu, you need to select ETH. Since you would be exchanging a few of your ETH for coupons, you have to first select ETH. You have to specify the quantity of ETH you would like to exchange for the tokens. Using the second drop-down menu, select the token. After this click on the icon Swap. Then click on confirm swap and you would be provided with coupons. 


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