Cons of Crypto Slots Websites

With the driving popularity of crypto (short form of cryptocurrency) for virtually any form of payment, it is fast becoming a great feature of online casinos and slots websites. Off-hand, cryptocurrency for online slots gaming offers secured and speedy funding and withdrawals at low or no transaction fees. However, on the downside, there are only a handful of crypto slots websites amongst the larger slots market – play Vikings Go Wild.

This tends to limit the choices of gamblers in selecting a slots website. Therefore, when you intend to patronise a crypto slots website, there are factors you should put under consideration. Pay attention!

What are the top crypto slots websites in the UK?

There is an even distribution of crypto slots websites in desktop and mobile versions, including Android and IOS. Common coins on crypto slots websites include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Top crypto slots websites in the UK include the following:

1.Mansion CasinoBitcoin
2.22 Bet Casino·         Bitcoin

·         Ethereum

·         Litecoin

4.BitStarz Casino·         Bitcoin (BTC)

·         Litecoin (LTC)

·         Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

·         Ethereum (ETH)

·         Dogecoin (DOG)

5.William HillBitcoin
6.Casino JoyBitcoin
7.1xBit·         Bitcoin (BTC)

·         Ethereum (ETH)

·         Litecoin (LTC)

·         Dogecoin (DOG)

·         Ripple (XRP)

·         Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

·         Tron (TRX), etc.

8.Betway CasinoBitcoin
9.888 CasinoBitcoin
10.King Billy Casino·         Bitcoin (BTC)

·         Litecoin (LTC)

·         Ethereum (ETH)

·         Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

What are the factors to consider in choosing a crypto slots website?

No wise warrior goes to war without a strategy: do not jump at the first crypto slots website that pops up in your search without doing your necessary findings about the site. In your choice of a crypto slots website, ensure that it fits into this marking guide:

  1.     License: Be certain that the website is duly licensed to ensure that all financial operations and transactions on the website are overseen by a recognised authority in the industry. With this, you are assured of three things: the safety of your funds, protection of your winnings and a fair game.
  2.     Transactions: Be certain that the site ensures easy and speedy funding and withdrawals. The site must also offer an extra layer of security for every transaction details to ensure anonymity.
  3.     Customer Support: Be certain that there is an around the clock customer service ready to help when a problem arises with your activities on the site.

What are the cons of crypto slots websites?

As there is hardly anything with a good side without a bad side, here are a few cons of crypto slots websites:

Ø  The market is very small – There are only a few websites accepting cryptos.

Ø  The currency is very volatile – A nosedive of the value could affect your funds.

Ø  Transactions are irreversible – It is very difficult to correct any error in transactions. So to say, crypto transactions are final.

Ø  Carelessness with your wallet pin can make you susceptible to cyber-attack.

Ø  Since it is still a novel feature, some sites take longer in processing withdrawals for security.


The good news about crypto slots websites is that the pros outweigh the cons. The battle against the cons can be won by being diligent in monitoring your crypto values and dealing with legitimate crypto slots websites.


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