Common Symbols In Irish Online Slot Games

Most modern-day video slots online are themed. It is unclear whether this is significant to gamblers or not. But it does give some idea to players what they can expect from the specific game.

This is because punters have become familiar with themed video slots. They use the theme as a basis for trying out some particularly new games, just like Rainbow Riches. judi slot

Some themed slots have gained more popularity than others such as ones based on mythology, like the Age of the God series by Playtech. The legends and myths present here are more remarkable and serious as compared to other themed slot games.

Irish Online Slot Games

If you prefer light entertainment and pure fun then Irish slots won’t disappoint. Irish slots include colourful vibrant imagery and exciting gameplay.

Expect to see all the elements that symbolize good luck and fortune. Symbols like the four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, pots of gold at the end of rainbows and mystical characters like leprechauns are fairly abundant. The ball got rolling with the Rainbow Riches as many Irish symbols were used in this slot game. Other video slot game developers have followed suit. Some of the most common Irish symbols used by online slot games include:


Irish legend says that leprechauns were dwarf-like devious characters who were banished to live far away from humans.

That’s not the case in Irish slots as leprechauns are portrayed as friendly creatures. They are a character that generally brings special features and triggers bonus rounds and good luck for players.

For example, an early appearance from a leprechaun was made in the video slot game Rainbow Riches. Three of the characters activated the Road to Riches bonus round.

Other symbols

Red toadstools also frequently appear in Irish video slots. These red toadstools are often associated with symbols of higher monetary value. They can also be a part of other bonus rounds such as in Rainbow Riches’ Pick N Mix round. There are plenty of cute old artefacts that depict fairies, pixies and goblins sitting beside these mushrooms.

These are symbols of good luck in slot games, but in real life, they are considered hallucinogens. All things lucky make their way to these slots. This is why the words fortune, luck, and riches dominate the titles of many Irish slots.

Game Design

Green is the most dominant colour in Irish slots and it is also the national colour of Ireland itself. It is shown as a green land full of pleasant colours and opportunities and this is depicted well in the artwork that these Irish slot game companies depict.

Irish folk music is also added to these slots to give a distinct Irish ambience. The fun atmosphere is spiced up with the fun and flavour that comes with Irish game designs.

Folk music also adds a distinct touch to Irish slots and serves as an unseen common symbol in Irish online slot games.

Final Thoughts

All the popular iconography associated with Irish folklore helps create the themes in Irish slots and there is a lot to tap into. Rainbow Riches is one of the games that kicked it all off and Rainbow Riches Race Day mixes Irish folklore with the national obsession of horseracing and adds another element to these popular Irish-themed slot games.

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