Understand Poker Equity and Its Key Concepts

Online poker games are quite popular among Indian players as well as worldwide. The game is more than just a card game; it is a game of strategy, skill, and psychology. The players must understand what the game is about and certain rules before beginning. However, we are not here today to discuss the basics of the game but ‘equity’. Equity distinguishes a novice from a professional player, a simple but powerful idea that can tremendously improve your poker gameplay experience.

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This guide will walk you through poker equity and essential details that will help improve your poker game.

What is Poker Equity?

Poker equity is like your fair share of the money in the pot based on how good your poker hand is and how likely you will win. This helps determine how much money you can win if you keep playing. The money in the pot and the size of the bets help you consider whether you should bet, call, or fold when comparing your winning chances.

When your equity is high, it’s more advantageous to bet or call, while a low equity suggests that folding might be the better option. As the hand progresses, the equity constantly changes and is shown as a percentage. Calculating the poker equity is a way to evaluate the strength of one’s hand against the other.

How to Calculate Poker Equity?

Calculating your Poker equity benefits you, improves your poker skills, and increases profits. So, learning about it would be good use, especially when playing online poker games. Equity in poker is based on determining your winning chances via your current hand, the possible hands the opponent might possess, and the community card. You can utilise equity calculator software available online like Equilab, Flopzilla, Pokerstove, etc. You can also use the technique known as the Rule of 2 and 4. This method is simple and quickly used in poker to evaluate your chances of completing a drawing hand, particularly on the turn and river.

Poker Equity Key Concepts

To fully understand Poker Equity, one should know the important aspects of the offline and online Poker game. Let’s walk you through how equity will be the guiding light of your smart decisions.

Starting Hand Equity

Starting Hand equity is the power of your hole cards, the two private cards you acquire at the start of a hand in seclusion. Superior hands like the Pocket Aces or the high pairs have higher starting hand equity as they are more likely to win when it comes to competition against random hands. The suited connectors like 8 and 9 of the same suit or smaller pairs like 3s and 4s have lower starting quality due to the requirement of favourable community cards for improving the hand.

Drawing Hands

Drawing hands, like a flush or straight draw, depends on additional community cards for improvement. Examples include having four cards of the same suit for a flush draw or needing a specific card to complete a straight. Equity becomes crucial in evaluating these hands, helping you determine the potential for completing your hand and whether investing more chips in pursuing the draw is worthwhile.

Pot Odds vs. Equity

Pot odds involve comparing the present pot size to the expense of a bet or call. If the pot odds exceed your equity percentage, making a bet or call can be profitable.

Implied Odds

Implied odds are not like Pot odds that rely on the present size of the pot and the expense of a particular bet but also consider the additional amount one can win if one hits the desired hand in the coming hands. Hence, this concept determines the current pot odds and the coming bets one can win.

Fold Equity

Fold Equity in poker measures potential profit from persuading opponents to fold their hands. This strategic approach is employed when considering a bet or raise, even when the current hand is not strongest. For instance, when faced with a less-than-ideal hand, opting to make a bet carries the expectation that opponents might fold, influenced by the perception that you hold a stronger hand. The likelihood of opponents folding due to your aggressive play is called your “fold equity.”

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