Birth Charts 101: Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Astrology & The Planets

Birth Charts 101: Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Astrology & The Planets

A picture of the sky at the exact date, time and place of your birth is a unique astrological blueprint. Birth charts represent the positions of planets and signs, and can shed even more light on your life when the best love psychics interpret the significance of more advanced concepts such as aspects, elements, polarities and qualities. Knowing your sun sign is just the tip of the astrology iceberg. Get started by making a free birth chart and go deeper with the best psychic readings online.


The 12 Houses of a Birth Chart

Every birth chart has 12 houses, and the meanings associated with each house correspond to different areas of a querant’s life. In the equal house system, the first house is in the nine o’clock position, in terms of a clock face. The chart continues counterclockwise through all of the houses.

The first house on a birth chart reflects the self. The second applies to values. The third house reflects communication and transportation. The fourth corresponds to home and family. The fifth house is all about love. The sixth house represents health. The seventh house corresponds to committed relationships. The eighth indicates birth and death. The ninth represents long-distance travel. The tenth house corresponds to career and status. The eleventh house indicates hopes and dreams. The twelfth house corresponds to secrets.

The Planets In Motion

The main reason that astrologers make birth charts is to track ecliptics, or the paths planets take in the sky. The left of a birth chart represents the celestial bodies rising on the eastern horizon when and where you were born. The right side of the chart indicates descendant bodies.

The best love psychics who use astrology will start by noting the positioning of the planets in relation to houses and signs. Skilled astrologers venture beyond the basics by interpreting aspects, or the angles that are formed between planets on a chart and other important elements of a reading including elements, nodes, polarities and qualities.

Making and Interpreting Birth Charts

The easiest way to make a birth chart is to use an automatic tool that uses the date, time and location of your birth to map out the position of heavenly bodies. Your birth chart is unique to you and can be interpreted alongside a birth chart for a partner or any other significant person in your life.

A birth chart can be helpful to refer to during online medium readings. These charts can be difficult to interpret, even if you do a lot of research on your own. A skilled astrologer can help you identify the most significant aspects of a birth chart for any query.

A free birth chart generator can provide you with a map of the sky on the date of your birth for a precise time and location. Your time of birth and birthplace are important factors that make your birth chart unique. The best love psychics can interpret the planets that rule your fifth and seventh houses and provide intuitive guidance for any relationship at any stage.


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