5 Significant Historical Sites To Visit In Belgium

From small captivating sites to acclaimed UNESCO sites, Belgium is a European country that houses everything. They have a cultural confluence of French and German powerhouses, influencing their military. The vibrant cities here are known for their historical sites. Not only this, but Belgium is also known for its love for beer, waffles, football, and chocolates. 

Their national football team is known as ‘Red Devils.’ People here love sports both offline and online. Most people love to play NetBet slots Roulette, and other casino games for fun and entertainment when they are not sightseeing. But, being a tourist, you must explore the enchanting historical sites in the country if you are a history addict.

Grand Palace In Brussels

The capital city is an epicenter of business relations and home to the European Union seat. It is a bureaucratic city, but the architecture is worth exploration. The magnificent Grand Palace in the capital of Belgium has an opulent building and imposing square. The site is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. August is the best month to visit the Grand Palace because the volunteers weave flower carpets out of the grass, dahlias, begonias, and the bark. It is one of the major attractions in the European Capital that witnesses thousands of visitors every year.

Waterloo Battlefield

The Waterloo field is one of the renowned battlefields where Napoleon fought the coalition of German, British, Belgian, and Dutch forces. This international coalition of forces was led by the Duke of Wellington that put an end to the French regime. In this 8-hour battle, Napoleon was defeated. The site has many famous monuments that showcase the story of the Battle of Waterloo. The Lion Mound is the most famous monument. Here, the guided tours are organized to the sites of the battlefield.

Horta Museum

The Town Houses and the Horta Museum are the prominent World Heritage Sites. They are built by the 20th century’s most influential architect, Victor Horta. You will find the work of mosaic, glass, wood, and other ornamental decorations. The home and work studio of the architect is being preserved as it is. Horta brought the artistic revolution to the country as many of his designed buildings have a touch of decorations and natural light. His home and studio showcase Art Nouveau and the major town houses include Hotel Solvay, Hotel Tassel, Hotel Van Eetvelde, and Atelier Horta and Maison town house.

Gravensteen Castle

This moated fortress stands tall in the city of Ghent. It is an old surviving example of 11th century European Art. Moreover, this castle dates back to the Middle Ages and is modeled after the famous crusader’s castle. It also served as the seat of the counts of Flanders. Later on, it was turned into a prison, courthouse, and then a factory. Ghent City renovated the castle to restore its original glory. When you climb up this castle, you can watch out for the stunning views of the countryside. If you visit the city of Ghent in July, you can also enjoy ‘Ghentse Feesten,’ which is a ten-day celebration of art, music, and culture.

Basilica of The Holy Blood

The city of Bruges has a lot to offer, right from ancient canals, bridges, lace shops, medieval architecture buildings, etc. However, the city is well-known for the Basilica of the Holy Blood. It is known for containing the relic of the Holy Blood, which is the cloth having Christ’s blood on it. The Count of Flanders received the relic during his crusade. The upper chapel is revived in the Gothic Style. This relic was brought back to Belgium during the second crusade. What’s more interesting here are the stained glasses of the chapel, beautiful murals, and the ornate façade. 


If you love to explore the ancient glory, then Belgium is the country to explore. Moreover, you can enjoy the lip-smacking meals as well as the famous chocolate beer too.

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