3 Myths About Healthy Eating That You Might Not Have Known

With health and wellness content growing more prominent on social media platforms, more and more people are looking to adopt some of the habits that their favorite celebrities and influencers are doing—one of which being making healthier food choices. Whether it’s to achieve weight loss or a better sense of self, there are many individuals who are looking to give their diets a complete overhaul, but it’s important to separate fact from fiction first.

Here are some of the most common myths about healthy eating that you should stay away from!

Myth #1: Weight Loss is as Easy as Calories In vs Calories Out

This approach is one that many have followed as a way to achieve weight loss, particularly because of how wonderfully simple it is. Anything scientific is usually treated with aversion due to the complications and intricacies that are associated with it, but this mindset has broken down the complicated mechanisms of our body for regular people to easily consume and digest. However, things are sadly not as simple as that.

While creating a calorie deficit by eating less than the amount of calories you burn throughout the day is an important factor in weight loss, there are other variables at play that this reductive approach simply doesn’t account for. It assumes that our bodies remain constant for the rest of our lives, but things like hormonal imbalances, genetics, medications and certain health conditions are also things that you need to consider.

Furthermore, it’s also worth mentioning that putting yourself in a severe calorie deficit can trigger metabolic adaptations that actually reduce the amount of calories that your body ends up burning. Basically, when you don’t fuel you body the way it needs, your body learns to burn less calories as a way to preserve the little energy stores that it has, making weight loss much harder to achieve.

Myth #2: All Calories are the Same

This is another prevalent assumption that may or may not be connected to the belief that calories are all that matter in weight loss, but it actually isolates the calorie as the only component of food that matters. This belief essentially says that it doesn’t matter if you eat an apple or some chips so long as the calories match, but we all know that isn’t true.

Rather than focusing solely on calories, you should also think about the amount of nutrition that can be found in the food you’re eating. Looking too much into the amount of calories rather than its nutritional value can lead to poor food choices with low calories and low nutrients that will only be detrimental to your lifestyle. 

Myth #3: Healthy Eating is Too Complicated and Time-Consuming

One thing that deters many from eating healthier is the belief that it requires too much effort and money, but a great way to dismantle this notion is by having a different perspective. Rather than telling yourself that all your meals suddenly have to be healthier, a great place to start is by only changing one meal a day. This makes the entire thing seem much more doable, which will most likely make it much less stressful and more sustainable.

You don’t even need too much to get started! With just a knife, a chopping board, a blender and some of your favorite fruits and vegetables, you can easily make yourself a nutrient-dense smoothie for your breakfast or snack. You can also chop up some fruit and toss it into your water, which will make each gulp healthier and more flavorful. 

Remember that healthy eating is meant to be a lifestyle, which is why it’s important to make slow and small changes rather than abrupt and drastic ones.

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