10 Tips to Wear High Heels Comfortably!

10 Tips to Wear High Heels Comfortably
The right pair of heels can make you feel confident, attractive, and empowered. Slipping into elegant high heels can upgrade your regular outfit, making you look like a fashion icon! However, comfort should come first. Therefore, if your heels often hurt your back, you should address this issue. While maintaining your style statement, you should prioritize comfort and ease of wear. Your overall outfit should give you confidence rather than discomfort or pain. 

If you have a hard time carrying your high heels look, you are not alone! We have some effective tips and ideas to make it more easygoing with your high heels. 


 Walk heel to toe 

 We understand it’s a bit hard in your initial days but worry not! If you are a newbie, start with stepping on your heels first and then gliding over to the toes. At first, you may be naturally inclined to walk on your toes first, but you need to change this habit from Day 1 itself! It not only looks unnatural but also provides less stability, increasing your chances of slipping. 

Therefore, be it for newbies or experts, walking heel to toe is ideal to maintain an aura of self-confidence and the fashion diva! Place your heels down first and then roll them over to your toes in a single smooth motion. Also, try not to put your entire foot down at once, as you normally do with facts. 

Furthermore, if you are wearing tall stilettos that are too fashionable and trendy to resist, step down on the heel’s outer border and then glide it in a fluid rolling motion to your toes. Avoid stepping down directly on your stiletto heels, as it may snap them. 

Go slow

 Avoid scurrying down the streets with your heels on, especially if you are new to these slants. Besides, moving speedily with heels may look awkward and increase your chances of tumbling over. Walk slowly, and if you need to arrive somewhere on time, try to start early. Take every step naturally and mindfully. Don’t worry about what your onlookers might think about your slow pace. Your self-confidence and relaxed pace will pass on good vibes. 

Take smaller steps

 Unlike your flats, the design of stilettos is made in a way that forces you to take shorter steps. Therefore, the best practice is to walk in an upright position and take smaller steps. The length of your steps will depend on your comfort level, the height of your heels, and the length of your legs. Doing a bit of practice at home before stepping on the roads would be a wise idea. On the contrary, avoid taking too small baby steps, as it will look unnatural. 

 Spread your toes inside the shoes

 During your slow strides, spread your toes inside the shoes, especially while rolling fluidly from the designer footwear for women to the toes. This will give your feet enough support, thus saving you from experiencing off balance. Spreading the toes inside the shoes will also give them proper space and a strong grip by distributing your body’s weight evenly and shifting it to your feet. This way, you can maintain balance and walk on your stylish heels like a pro! 

Maintain a steady posture

 Walking in a stooping position is a bad idea, even if you are tempted into doing that to maintain balance. It might happen, especially when you may need to walk faster than your heels would normally allow. Instead, keep your shoulders upright and your head up while walking in heels. Avoid being too conscious to watch your steps by looking down. 

Keep your spine straight and distribute the body’s weight evenly across your entire posture to release some of the pressure off your feet. So, leaning forward to be mindful of your steps thinking that it will help maintain stability is going to make things worse! On the contrary, try leaning back slightly to compensate for the leaning neck position, which might occur unconsciously. 

Walk in a straight line

 Try imagining yourself walking in a straight line to maintain good posture and remain comfortable. You can choose a focal point ahead based on which you can focus your steps. Instead of looking down on your feet, you can look at the point that extends in a straight line from your feet. Your goal would be to reach that focal point without stooping over. During the process, be mindful of taking short steps and going slow. 

Practice at home

 As mentioned earlier, always give a good rehearsal before the final show. Walk on your heels at home before directly stepping on them at your office or a get-together party. Even if you feel your heels perfectly for you at the store and even after doing a good walk there, you never see the consequences of directly wearing new shoes outdoors, even if you are an expert. 

Wear your stilettos at home and keep walking around while doing household chores or other activities at one-hour intervals. Practicing would help you understand the right way of stepping down on your heels and determine the comfortable length of your steps. So, avoid venturing out with your brand-new stilettos at the office, that too wearing it straight for 8–9 hours. It will definitely give you painful sores you will want to avoid by all means! 

 Use cushion inserts  

We know heels may hurt, especially if you are wearing them for long hours. Therefore, investing in cushion shoe inserts or relief strips is recommended. While practicing at home, keep note of the areas or spots the shoe is rubbing against your feet. When such friction happens for prolonged hours, it will start to hurt eventually. 

The foot’s ball area is the most common place to get hurt and sore. Insert suction inserts in these areas to combat this pain and soreness. Besides, if the shoe rubs on your raw skin, it may result in blisters or abrasions. To avoid this, put on rub relief strips to provide a cushion between the shoe and your feet. 

Go for thicker heels

Thin heels and soles may cause your feet to hurt faster than the ones with thicker soles and heels. Invest in thicker heels than the pencil-pointed stilettos. While stilettos can look fashionable on the outside, they can inflict tremendous pain on the inside. That’s because your entire body’s weight is being pressurized on your heels, rather than getting evenly distributed. 

You don’t have to bear so much pain and discomfort just to look glamorous. So, go for thicker heels and soles for better body balance and support. Moreover, thicker soles will keep your feet’s bottoms well-protected and cushioned, thus preventing pain. 

Get the right size

 Do you know that your shoe size may fluctuate over a period of time? It may happen especially after major life changes, such as losing weight, sickness, or after giving birth. Therefore, get your feet size professionally measured, such as by a shoe shop clerk, once every year. The best time to measure your feet is right before buying a new pair of shoes. Get both the length and width of your feet checked. Getting the word size may inflict more pain and make it difficult to maintain balance. 

Final Words

 Styling party wear heels and stilettos should not be painful or uncomfortable. You should feel confident in your skin and feel good about your outfit and overall look. Just ensure to invest in good-quality heels and avoid going for low-grade materials. Never settle for anything uncomfortable or, worse, painful! So, buy a good pair and walk with your high heels in style and pride!


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