Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts for Friends

While there’s nothing wrong with showing up with a bottle of wine when your friends move into a new home, why not put a little more effort into finding something they’ll genuinely love? Here are four gift ideas that can reflect your thoughtfulness and help your buddies blossom in their new abode.

Boost Their Bartending

If your friends have only recently moved on from drinking beer out of red plastic cups, they’re probably at ground zero when it comes to stocking their bar. That’s why the gift of a bottle of alcohol, or two, is sure to be appreciated by anyone looking to build a proper home pub. To kick your boozy benefaction up a notch, add in ingredients that are required to make a few key cocktails, along with some recipes to get your friends started. One idea is bundling together a bottle of Absolut vodka, some coffee liqueur, and a bag of coffee beans so your pals can shake up the perfect espresso martini.

Bring Them Some Green(ery)

Okay, although a pile of money might be appreciated, this gift involves the kind of green that grows. A thriving plant in a beautiful pot can make almost any house feel homier. Greenery is thought to be a natural mood booster, so this gift can help stave off some of the stress that can come with settling into a new place. If you’re not sure how green your friends’ thumbs are, opt for plants that are easy to maintain, like an almost-impossible-to-kill pothos or a succulent.

For foodie friends, living gifts of another sort might be a great choice. A basket planted with kitchen herbs will surely be useful; after all, everyone could use a little extra thyme on their hands. Regardless of what kind of plant you give, including a cute watering can is a considerate touch.

Help Them Fill Blank Spaces

Chances are your friends’ new place has a lot of blank space to fill up, particularly if this is a starter home. Help your pals warm up their walls by gifting something special for them to hang. While beautiful photographs, prints, and paintings can be found at almost any home décor store, it can be particularly thoughtful to give personalized artwork as a housewarming present. You can order custom plaques with our friends’ family name, or perhaps frame a map of their new neighborhood. For something even more special, online craftspeople can work from a photo to create a painted or sketched rendering of your friends’ new home. Whichever type of art you choose, bring along some picture hardware or hanging strips so your gift can be enjoyed right away.

Remember Their Bestie

Since most people will try to pick out the perfect present for the humans in the household, why not bring a gift for the family member that might be having a little extra trouble setting into new digs? Pets often become a bit out of sorts following a move, so gifting them with a new bed or comfy blanket can go a long way toward making them feel at home. Treats and toys may also help Fluffy or Fido get over the upheaval of moving, while teaching them to associate their new place with things that are yummy and fun. Just don’t forget to give plenty of head scratches and tummy rubs along with your present.

Whether it’s a gift to make a new house feel homier or a goodie for the family pet, a thoughtful housewarming present is sure to be appreciated. Your kindness can help make your friends feel happier and more comfortable in their new abode.



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