4 Advantages of Getting Prescription Glasses from Your Optometrist

It is hard to hide from the scorching sun in the summer. For those times you are outdoors, sunglasses are the best protection for your eyes. But if you are not inclined to sacrifice your clear vision for sun-shielding, you might want to opt for prescription sunglasses from your optometrist in Macquarie centre. Wearing these sun shields helps you avoid the harmful rays of the sun.

Does Australia get a lot of sunlight?

Australia receives much more radiation from the sun than California or the Mediterranean, famous for its sizzling summers and turquoise beaches. Australia receives strong sunlight, and there’s plenty of it in all 365 days of the year.

  • Get crisp and clear vision under the sun.

If you value crisp and clear vision outdoors in every lighting condition, prescription sunglasses from your optometrist in Macquarie centre are a terrific choice. It is designed and created especially for your specific vision correction requirements. You can have the sunglass lenses made in any tint you prefer. It can be light or dark. 

You can also choose from many colours such as grey, yellow, and blue. It will depend on how you prefer to see the world. Regardless of the condition of your vision, prescription sunglasses help correct and improve your sight every day, especially under the sun’s harsh rays.

  • Avoid the glare

Some people are highly sensitive to glare. The glare occurs when the horizontal light bounces into the eye from surfaces such as roadways, sidewalks, beaches, and bodies of water. Lenses that are polarised help neutralise blinding glare. When your prescription lenses are polarised, you will feel more confident since you will see more clearly in every situation. Therefore, you will enjoy better experiences outdoors.

  • 100% UV protection

Regardless of the colour and style you select, your prescription sunglasses will block 100% of harmful UV rays. It can help protect your eyes from damage. 

Sunglasses extend the benefits of UV protection to the sensitive skin around your eyes. Sunglasses prevent sunburn and premature aging of the delicate areas around the eyes. Therefore, some people opt for the most oversized sunglasses frames they can find. The highly sensitive skin near your eye area is particularly susceptible to UV damage. Therefore, wearing prescription glasses not only protects you from harmful UV rays but also helps you look chic and cool.


Aussies must wear quality prescription glasses. Australia’s sun is extreme. During the summer months, the Earth’s orbit brings the continent closer to the sun. Because of this, there is an additional 7% solar intensity. Combine this factor with more apparent atmospheric conditions. Therefore, Aussies are exposed to up to 15% more UV rays.

  • Get lens options to suit your lifestyle.

When you have a pair of prescription sunglasses made specifically for you, it is possible to select the same material and treatment for your lenses. The following are some popular choices:

  • Polycarbonate

It is a terrific option if you have a highly active lifestyle and go outdoors often. It is also ideal for sportspeople since polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant.

  • Scratch-resistant

If you drop your sunglasses frequently, you may want this feature.

  • Polarised

This type of treatment helps neutralise glare for a more comfortable and more precise vision in every situation.

  • Photochromic lenses

These are intelligent lenses and automatically darken or lighten depending on the amount of direct sunlight it receives.

Your eyes are your windows to the world. Good vision helps you enjoy a quality life. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in your eyesight and purchase prescription sunglasses from an optometrist. You’ll find that it is a good investment since it will protect your eyes from harsh variables in the environment.



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