Why You Should Never Buy a Verified Instagram Account

Why You Should Never Buy a Verified Instagram Account

If you’re considering buying a per-verified IG account, then, please read this article. It may save you from a lot of trouble! We promise! Yes, buying a pre-verifiedIG account, at times, may seem like a far more attractive path than verifying an account by yourself. I mean, you’ve tried to self-submit for verification request a million times to no avail. Going via an agency can seem like a tedious and lengthy process. Not to mention, getting verified via an agency can be expensive as well. And, in between all this trouble, there is something that you’re considering. Why not buy Instagram verified account? That looks easy. It’s cheaper. Its quicker. What could go wrong? Well, a lot more than you can imagine. Let’s dig a bit deeper!

Buying Pre-Verified Instagram Accounts

So, let’s talk about the basics. In short, you are in the market, looking to buy a verified Instagram account. You have your reasons. It maybe that you want a head start on your social media journey. You want to come off as notable and credible. Perhaps you want to use Instagram to network, and you know people will take you seriously if you’re verified. And, well, there can be a million reasons, all justified, for why your account should be verified. But the risks that come with it, are vast. 

Forget Password and Email Problem

Here is the deal. Imagine you’ve just made a purchase for a verified account. It barely has any followers. Sure, the username is not great, and you know you can’t change it, but so what. Its still verified. You quickly change the email and mobile on the IG account to yours and secure it, and you pay the seller. Life is good, isn’t it? Well, no. The seller can always, in an instant, pull back the account. How? Instagram accounts get hacked all the time. And of course, Instagram doesn’t want you trading accounts, its against their ToS. And, this is why, the original owner of the account can always file an appeal with ‘forgot email’ or ‘forgot password’ that their account was hacked which will then result in Instagram reverting the account email back to the original email. The moment that happens, the seller logs in to the account and you no longer own it. And you’re out a few thousand dollars, and you don’t have an account either. 

The Original Owner Email

Here is where you can find the original email that the account was created with.You will have to navigate to Privacy & Security > Access Data > Former Email Addresses. Check out Instagram’s mini blog on How to Review Your Data for more info.


Within this section, you can see all the email addresses that have been associated with this account. And what the ‘original’ or the oldest email is on file. So, the only way you can ever be ‘sure’ that you’ve secured the account is, if you are also getting the original email that is on file along with the account within the trade deal. 


But wait, there is more!


Understanding the Limitations

Of course, you must also note the limitations that come with a pre-verified account. For one, if you don’t have the original email, someone can pull it back. Next, Instagram always does sweeps of verified accounts to revoke badges of falsely impersonated accounts. So, sooner or later, the badge that you have, it would be gone. And finally, you cannot change the username of a verified account. Yep. You cannot change the username. Whatever the username that the page is verified with, that’s what you’ll be stuck with for life. 

Buy Instagram Verified Account they said’ … well, not anymore! With so many limitations, and complications, buying a verified account has no solid merit at all. Yes, it’s cheaper but you’re buying a page that was either stolen or verified under impersonation. And, to top it all off, the badge will go away one day. Maybe in a day after the purchase, maybe a year later. But it will surely go. 



Is it a hacked account? 

An account only gets verified if the owner of it is someone notable and famous. So, the sole reason the account you have your eye on is verified, is because it was impersonated as someone famous. Yep. How do think the account got verified in the first place? Sure, it may have 0 posts and no profile photo now, but that definitely wasn’t always the case. 

If you could look into the past of the account, you’d see a completely different story. A story where an account is built with tons of posts and followers and engagement. The account then impersonates someone who is famous from less popular countries. Someone who has a ton of local media press and publications. Someone who is on TV or movies. But – they’re from countries like Pakistan or Bangladesh or some other country that has celebrities that aren’t well known on the international stage. 

Also, if this isn’t a case of impersonation, then it would a case of hacked account. This is where a hacker tries to steal a verified account from the owner. And this, well, it’s not great, is it? 

So, the money that you’re paying, in either way, you’re paying it for a property that was verified based on impersonation or maybe it was just stolen. 

Is it Worth it?

You can buy a verified Instagram account for anywhere between $4000 to $10,000. That’s a lot of money for something that is neither permanent nor safe. Yes, doing verification the legitimate way is way more expensive. But think of this. The legitimate way gets you a ton of valuable PR for life. You get verified with the username that represents you and your identity. You’re not stuck with a name that has nothing to do with you. And, in the end, you’re verified for life. So, would you rather spend $10,000 to have a badge for one year. Or would you rather spend $15,000 to have a blue badge for the rest of your life? Looking at it in this way, it makes no sense to buy Instagram verified account, does it? 


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