Which commerce subjects are perfectly covered in NCERT solution books? 

If you want to understand the concepts of mathematics and Science when you might be moving to tuition and coaching centres. But the situation would be exactly similar to a school in which there are so many students and no personalized attention. There would be students in the class 12th who need specific attention in a given subject.

Unravelling the best solution

 In such a situation it becomes difficult for them to serve the purpose in the light of so much competition. But for all the students who are undergoing this phase, this article will remove your burden. The solution to end all the problems of getting a personalized attention and preparing for a subject well can be ended by purchasing a 12th class NCERT solution book. 

It is considered to be one of the best types of solution books which can be used by the students. It is considered to be the best companion that the students can use for clarifying the concept. Over the period of time, it has been launched in different subjects and focuses on the problem solving of each subject separately. 

This is the best utility of this book. This article will cover the important subjects in which solutions class 12th NCERT solutions are available. This will be really helpful to the students who are not able to find a perfect coach in the 12th class. The list of all the books which are provided by NCERT in different subjects of class 12th has been listed in the following way. 

NCERT Accounts Solution

It is important to mention that the NCERT accounts solution is the best way to improve your account if you have taken commerce in class twelfth. It has the practical solution of every kind of book. At the same point of time this book is inspired by not only the NCERT problem book of accountancy but also essential books like TS Grewal and DK Goel. best book recommendations

This book has been able to provide a stepwise solution to handle the tough questions of accountancy related to all chapters of accountancy. Important concepts like balance sheets and profit and loss statements have been explained with a huge amount of depth. This is one of the biggest components of the book. Since the accountancy of class 12th is divided into three components similarly the solution book also comes in three parts. 

The first part deals with the partnership accounts. The second part deals with the company accounts. And the third part deals with the cash flow statements. The book has been beautifully explained to include every problem and the solution. It also has other types of sample papers and problem solving questions. 

NCERT Economics Books

It is important to mention that the NCERT economic book is the best type of solution book that a student can use in 12th. This is one of the most efficient solution books that the students can use. It is important to mention that NCERT solution books are comprehensively developed from the examination perspective. 

This book is able to deal with both the macro and the micro economics in great detail. It also has practical solutions to the numerical which are essential from the examination point of view. It is considered to be an effective solution to end almost every type of question. 

If you are understanding the concepts from the economic NCERT solution book then you do not eat any kind of tuition. It also provides access to the past year papers and the sample papers which help the students to make the correct choices. The important concepts like foreign exchange management explained with the help of practical examples. 

This helps to promote an easy understanding of the concept. The NCERT solution books also provide a DVD and an online link. It has a video recorded lecture for understanding the diagrams of marginal utility and total utility. 

NCERT Business Studies Books

Business studies is an important and interesting subject of NCERT. But most of the students find it difficult to prepare because of the huge length and extent of the syllabus. It is one of the best subjects that almost every MBA lover would love. But since this subject requires a lot of cramming, it becomes difficult for maximum students. But all thanks to the NCERT business studies solution book.

The subject has been made interesting for the students again. It is considered to be the best book for understanding the important concepts of business studies with the help of real time examples and diagrams. A student can understand the concept in a very detailed way, and this is the best part of the book. You can also practice sample papers and question papers from this book for your understanding. 


It can be ultimately concluded that this is the perfect type of example which can be obtained. All these commerce subjects are perfectly covered with the solution book of NCERT. This will ultimately help the students to bring the maximum amount of scoring in the long run. The team of Infinity Learn will help you understand all the different tactics so that you can get good marks in your exams. 

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