Everything to know about pixel pitch

Everything to know about pixel pitch

A pixel pitch is the most used term while discussing led display. This term is used to express the density of led clusters of pixels on an led display. Pixel pitch has a correlation with resolution. Pixel pitch is also known as a dot pitch or simple pitch. Pixel pitch is the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels. This distance is measured in millimeters. As pixel pitch is the distance between two pixels, the smaller pixel pitch means the smaller distance between two adjacent pixels, and the more considerable distance means the greater distance between two pixels. The smaller is the distance; the better would be the pixel density and screen resolution.

Importance of pixel pitch

Pixel pitch is one of the most used terms in ELD display. Pixel pitch is necessary and important because it affects the optimal watching distance for the display of LED. When an image has a lower pixel pitch value, it has a better image having smooth borders and fine details. Lower pixels pitch can make people allow to stand near to the screen and to watch a clear image of the screen without the distraction of individual pixels.

The rule of thumb is used when a smaller pixel pitch is allowed to watch objects with a closer distance. As far as a high pixel pitch is concerned, it elongates the viewing distance.

In other words, a 1.2mm screen is supposed to have a higher resolution as compared to a 16mm screen. Moreover, it will have a closer viewing distance.

A higher pixel pitch is known to deliver the improved quality of vision, but a higher pixel pitch is not suitable for every possible condition. More pixel density is used for having a closer viewing distance. When there is a greater viewing distance, the higher pixel density is more likely to lose the display advantages, and it increases the cost of the LED display.

How to choose the right pixel pitch according to your requirements?

The smaller is the pixel pitch, the greater will be the resolution. The greater is the resolution, the greater will be the price of LED. However, the production and material costs are greater for smaller pitch as it contains greater clusters of pixels.

Consumers can purchase the LED screen by determining the optimal distance from viewing the distance of the screen. By the optimal viewing distance, we mean the point where there is retained image fidelity. When the viewer gets closer to the screen, the image quality will be decreased, making the screen more pixilated.

For example, when discussing the LED display with touch, it will need to have a low pixel pitch to produce crisp images that the views can see. On the other hand, when an LED display is displayed above the viewers, like sometimes it is hung over the viewers, it will need to have a high pixel pitch. In other words, the smaller will be the pixel pitch, the better will be the image quality. So you should choose the pixel pitch carefully by considering the purpose for which you are purchasing an LED display.


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