What is the Full form of MPL and what it does?

What is the Full form of MPL and what it does?

The full form of MPL is Mobile Premier League, which is the largest mobile gaming startup in India. MPL’s brand ambassador is none other than Viral Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team. The gaming company has recently acquired a fresh round of funding amounting to $95 million, raising its valuation to $945 million. 


MPL (Mobile Premier League) has over 60 million users in India and more than 5 million users in Indonesia. While the company offers over 30 games on its platform for Indonesian users, Indian users enjoy more than 60 games. Furthermore, the company is all set to introduce its incredible gaming experience to the US market. MPL has deployed its latest investments toward expanding the eSports portfolio and arranging for more intense digital tournaments where players from the four corners of the world can connect and engage in exciting gameplay. In 2020, MPL also organized a digital sports festival where gamers were given scholarships and totalsportek live stream prizes. 


What does MPL do?

MPL has emerged as one of the largest gaming apps in India, and the company is rapidly spreading its wings in the Indonesian and US gaming markets. The company has taken your love for games and given it an interesting spin where you not only get to enjoy your much-loved games but also take part in 1v1 battles and tournaments around the clock. This is what makes regular games like Bubble Shooter or Fruit Slice and others on its platform far more interesting because you get to compete with players in real-time. 

Combined with exceptional graphics and intuitive gameplay, MPL is working hard to enhance the gaming experience. The company is also a member of TRF (The Rummy Federation), FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry), IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India), and AIGF (All India Gaming Federation). 


Popular games on MPL

MPL offers more than 60 games on its platform that can be enjoyed on your Android or iOS devices. However, some of the games that are hugely popular and can get you hooked right away are – 

  • Rummy

Rummy is one of the most popular games which is played in every Indian household. This is a Diwali staple but also played to celebrate birthdays or during regular social gatherings. Over the years, Rummy has gained many followers on this gaming platform as the online version is highly interactive and exciting. 


You can click here to enjoy the online version of Rummy which is even more interesting than the traditional version since you can play this game anywhere and at any time on your mobile devices. 


If you’ve played offline Rummy before, you must already know the rules. The game is basically about melding 13 cards and making relevant sequences. Your goal is to make the relevant set before your opponents. It involves a lot of skills as you have to have excellent memory skills, analytical skills, and the ability to place your logic before your emotions. With the right strategies, players are even known to become winners after having a bad hand. 


  • Ludo

Ludo is another extremely common and popular game that people enjoy playing during their leisure time. It is a wonderful game that helps people to bond. Unfortunately, you need at least 2 to 4 players to play this game. Since getting so many people under the roof is difficult during the current pandemic, MPL offers online Ludo on its platform, which you can download now. 


The rules of online Ludo are similar to offline Ludo with a bit of variation. For instance, in this platform, you can take your token out of the starting area if you’ve rolled a 6 or even a 1. The game is further made interesting with the inclusion of a timer. This means that you cannot take your own sweet time when it is your turn. If the timer runs out, you will lose your chance, and the bot will move the token. Moreover, you can take part in exciting tournaments and connect with players from across the globe. 


  • Speed Chess 

Speed Chess is a highly popular game on the MPL gaming platform. It provides a best-in-class gaming experience where players can checkmate their opponents and hone their chess-playing skills. This can be your chance of learning the rules of chess by heart and mastering the tricks to beat your friends or even go on to becoming the next greatest chess player after Vishwanathan Anand. Download the game and get ready to battle it out with online chess players. 

  • Fantasy Cricket 

MPL is known for its exceptional Fantasy cricket game that allows cricket lovers to stay connected with the game of cricket virtually. If you love cricket, this is a game that you would not want to miss. In this game, you get the opportunity to manage your fantasy cricket team, which consists of actual players. You have to study the form and fitness of the current players and decide who you would want for your fantasy cricket team. Additionally, you have to study the pitch condition and the weather condition before every match to improve your team’s chances. The rules and even how you can play fantasy cricket are mentioned on the gaming platform so that there are zero impediments to having a fabulous gaming experience. 

These are a few of the online games that you can play on the gaming platform. Other exciting games include Call Break, Quiz, Fantasy Football, Carrom, and so on. This platform ensures that your gaming requirements are satisfied.


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