Ways To Elevate Your Home’s Exterior

The exterior of the home is an often-overlooked aspect of real estate. The exterior of the home is just as important as the inside, especially if you are looking to sell. The curb appeal can greatly affect how you feel when you arrive home and form the impression visitors have before stepping inside. Additionally, you need to consider the garden area and create a space that is beautiful, well-maintained, and peaceful. With this in mind, this post will look at a few of the best ways to elevate your home’s exterior that could make a big difference and even add value. Read on to find out more.

Power Wash

A good place to start is by power washing the exterior of the home, driveways, patios, and any other hard outdoor surfaces. The elements can take their toll on these surfaces over many years, so power washing allows you to restore them to their former glory. This will elevate the look of your home and outdoor spaces.

Update Front Door

People’s eyes are naturally drawn to the front door, so this is an area that is always worth considering when improving the curb appeal. An attractive front door can elevate the entire home and create a positive first impression. A few ways to update your front door include:

A fresh coat of paint
New front door furniture
Stained glass inserts


Add A Decorative Gate

Similarly, you can upgrade your home’s exterior and make a positive first impression with a decorative gate. A stylish gate will be one of the first things people notice when visiting your home and improve the entranceway to your home.

Install Outdoor Lighting

You can also elevate your home’s exterior with outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can serve a few purposes, so it is a smart upgrade. Exterior lighting will make your home more appealing after dark, it will serve a practical purpose when outside at night, and add home security by acting as a deterrent. If you spend time in the garden during the warmer months of the year, lighting will be key for creating a cozy ambiance and making it safe to walk around once the sun goes down.

Clean Windows Regularly

It is amazing the difference that clean windows can make both from inside and outside the house. Despite this, window cleaning is a task that many homeowners neglect. Getting into the habit of cleaning your windows regularly (or paying a window cleaner) will elevate your home from the outside and improve visibility from the inside. Additionally, be sure to repair or replace any damaged frames or screens, as this will bring down the tone of the house from the outside.

Mow The Lawn Regularly

Nothing looks better than a neatly mowed lawn, yet this is a task that people often put off. It is understandable, as walk-behind mowers are tiring to use and it can take a long time, particularly if you have a lot of grass in the back and/or front garden. This is why it is worth buying a riding lawnmower. Riding lawnmowers will make mowing the lawn a simple task, which will make it easier to keep on top of throughout the year. Zero-turn lawn mowers are ideal as they are easy to maneuver, which will make it easy to navigate different areas of your lawn and keep the grass neat and uniform.

Create Social Space

You also want to have a nice outdoor space where you can socialize during the warmer months. A decking or patio with outdoor garden furniture, lighting, and cooking facilities can elevate your home’s exterior and lifestyle. This is also an effective way to add significant value to your home. Even if space outside is limited, you can set up a small table and chairs to make the most of the warmer months.

Clear The Gutters

Clearing your gutters regularly is important to prevent drainage issues and water damage. It is also helpful from an aesthetic standpoint, as leaves and debris can be unsightly.

Inspect The Roof

The roof is another important consideration. This is the home’s most important feature from a practical standpoint, but it can also affect the property’s aesthetics from the outside. You should inspect the roof on a regular basis and get any broken or missing shingles/tiles repaired or replaced. You could also consider a roof replacement if the time is right and pick one that will add visual appeal.

People often spend so much time thinking about their home’s interior that they forget about the exterior. This is a shame, as a home’s exterior can greatly impact how you feel about your house and the impression visitors have when they arrive at your home. The above are a few of the best ways to elevate your home exterior that will add visual appeal, improve how you feel about your house, and even add value to the property.

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