How to fit out your workspace with LED bulbs

How to fit out your workspace with LED bulbs

Are you always looking for innovative ways to enlighten your business?  Then you should already be well and truly aboard the LED train.

Light is obviously essential to every single business activity, meaning all managers need to do is to choose the best modern solution for more bang – and profit – for their buck.  So when it comes to choosing business bulbs, LED is a no-brainer.  LED bulbs are not just almost maintenance-free, longer-lasting, incredibly efficient, more durable, and more environmentally friendly, the light quality and flexibility are head and shoulders above legacy light technologies.  For any business, that means better work productivity, less downtime, a more attractive and conducive environment, and more sales.


So what LED bulbs does your business need?  Well, it all depends on what you’re up to:

For calm: If your work or shop area calls for calm, relaxing, peaceful vibes, stay away from blue light waves that mimic natural light.  Aim for 1500-4000 Lumens, and 2600-3000 Kelvin colour temperature.

For the office: For high productivity, though, you will be aiming for cool-white LED bulbs that remind the brain of bright natural light to promote focus and energy.  Aim for 3000-5500 Lumens, with 3000-5000K colour temperature.

For entertaining: If your space should be making people – and customers – smile, the LED bulbs can be more mixed and adaptable.  You’ll want to avoid the energy-promoting qualities by sticking with 1500-3000 Lumens brightness and 2000-3000K colour temperature.

Multi-purpose: As for a truly multi-purpose space that requires clear, crisp visibility without anything too stark or too dim, dimmable LED bulbs on the softer-to-neutral end of the spectrum will be the go.  Target 3000-600 Lumens and around 2000-3000K for the colour temperature.

For high productivity: Yes, the office light specifications mentioned earlier will promote focus, but for a truly intense work area that relies on speed and focus, the blue-light emitting qualities will be higher.  That means higher brightness of up to 8000 Lumens, combined with around 5000K colour temperature.

As for how to get your new LED bulbs installed, up and running and producing the profit and sales-inspiring benefits you’re looking for, the following steps should help:


  1. What’s the guidelines?

Before you do anything else, write down your budget, your goals and any regulatory hurdles or guidelines, and decide for yourself what priority order they have to you.


  1. Consider ‘high burn’

In commercial lighting, ‘high burn’ areas are the ones in which the light is normally always on – making energy efficiency one of the highest priorities of all.


  1. Consider ‘hard to maintain’

Next, consider the areas in which lighting maintenance will be difficult – like very high ceilings.  The premium will then be on high durability.


  1. Consider the controls

For work spaces that will be switched on and off a lot, like meeting or break rooms, how you control the light functionality – on, off, dimming – is crucial, as is whether wireless controls might be considered, also for wiring simplicity.


  1. Choose your LED bulbs

You should now be ready to get into the specifics of your preferred LED bulbs, including base/connector, bulb shape & size, and preferred lighting qualities.Are you ready to embrace LED bulbs for your workplace?  When done correctly, the benefits are almost endless in terms of costs, maintenance, aesthetics, brand credentials (ie. reputation), sustainability and perfectly fine-tuned productivity.  If you need to know more, consult with a lighting specialist.


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