Want Florida Car Title Loans Then Check Out Embassy Loan

  Want Florida Car Title Loans Then Check Out Embassy Loan

 Embassy Loan is a licensed consumer finance company in the State of Florida. That specializes in car title loans which arrange for a quick secured loan. With Auto Title Loans Florida, you can borrow cash against the ownership of your vehicle. The value of a vehicle determines how much money a person can borrow. Since they are not reliant on extensive credit checks, Auto Title Loans are one of the quickest solutions during an emergency. 

Florida Car Title Loans has been in business for ten years and continues to provide the best level of service and client satisfaction. At the embassy loan, you will get Monthly Interest Rates. That ranges from 1.5% upto 2.5% (18% upto 30% APR), with the 12 to 14 Month Terms. Also, there are No Prepayment Penalties. You can receive a loan and retain your car at the same time. Embassy Loans Inc. is trustworthy since it is licensed by Florida Statute 516. Also, Loans is not adhered to the licensing due to the Florida Title Loan Act.

Also, you can fill the application online. The application asks few details about you and your residency area. You also have to give residence proof. Which you can do by submitting a copy of a utility bill some details of your vehicle you have to share within the application form. Which includes your vehicle model, year, and most importantly, the number of the vehicle for the identification. 

Auto Title Loan Florida accept the

  • Financed cars and the vehicles that have ownership. Also, the clear titles and the titles With Liens on Them.


Within Auto Title Loans Florida, you will also get the facility of 

  • inspecting near to you. 
  • It has almost Your Car Inspected nearby or Online 31 Inspection Stations. And many of them in major cities. 
  • At the inspection stations, you have to go. So that associates may quickly inspect the vehicle to ensure that it matches the title you’re providing. 
  • A representative from the Embassy will assist you in this matter.

Also, there is a Completely Online procedure to fill the application process. And you can meet the requirement by sitting at your home. In the online system, no inspection. Only you have to call the representatives for the detail and application form.  

Customers can also apply for a loan modification. For that, Auto Title Loans Florida will Email to your phone. To get started, only you have to fill out the online application form. There aren’t any conditions connected. You will also get the facility of payment within 24 hours on the same day. There is no necessity for credit checks and, you need to go through the lengthy paperwork. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait.


For consumer comfort, 

  • Car Title Loans Florida use the 35 technologies for its website, as per the Built With. That varies from the iPhone/Mobile compatible to SPF.
  • For its speed, Embassy Loans is also spending a high amount on the IT sector.


 Embassy Loans have been issuing for many last years. And for them, it won’t matter that what is the purpose of the borrowing. Also, they don’t ask questions related to their credit and personal details.

 Florida Car Title LoansRates are much cheaper and affordable as compared to its competitors.

The embassy loan can provide you loan 

  • from $250 to $1,500. Customers also can receive automobile title loans up to $50,000. And the loan duration is also short that lasts around 30 days. 

However, more time facility is also there. It is not a pawn loan. So, keep your vehicle and cash both with you. However, the title and ownership get changed until the recovery of the loan. This ownership will remain until the borrower pays back the loan. Once the loan gets over, the borrower gets the title right back.


 Auto Title Loans Florida has highly trained staff who work restlessly to give customers the best ratings and prices. Embassy loans have numerous branches also in the cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando. The specialty of Car Title Loans in Florida is that they provide Loans in as little as 24 hours.There are not many requirements for loans. All you need is the ownership of a vehicle that is in good shape. There is an evaluation process, where the car value is determined, and then the lender accept  the loan.

And if you have bad credit. Still, it will not bother your loan procedure. To adhere car title loan online, you need to give your vehicle as collateral. Also, there is no much paperwork to do to apply. Only you have to fill some applications and go through minor verification.


There are numerous benefits of Auto Title Loans in Florida. Such as 

  • even after the passage of the loan, you have your vehicle by your side. Unlike traditional loans from a bank, your credit history or employment status does not play a vital role in whether or not you can obtain an auto title loan. 


Also, there is Quick and easy access to cash especially, during the time of emergency. Also, cross-checking nor take much time. Just like in the case of the property where extensive background checks took place. Including the credit checks of its borrowers. Just some papers of vehicles can complete the verification process. It is less time-consuming. When compared to typical bank loans, there is significantly less paperwork. At Embassy Loans whole process can be completed in just a day or two.Car Title Loans Florida, like other title loan companies, will assess the car value. However, Borrowers can able to borrow about 50 percent of the money against their car.


Florida Car Title Loans Auto Equity loans rely on auto titles equity, not credit. So, it provides much lower interest rates than traditional title loans. Once your loan is approved, you will be paid the same day to your bank account or, you will have the option to pick up your money at one of the hundreds of sites around Florida. 


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