Top 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Gifts for Dogs

Want to make sure you get the very best gift for that special someone? And by special someone, we obviously mean your dog. Choosing gifts for dogs can feel easy until you see the huge selection online and in stores.Where to Buy a Goldendoodle

And if you’re buying a toy for someone else’s dog or are new to dog ownership, you might not know the best toys to get. Not all toys are created equal, so put some thought in before you pull out your wallet.

Wondering where to start? Look no further. We’ve got a list of 6 factors to consider when purchasing a gift for that special fur baby in your life.

  1. Dog or Dog Owner

Before you go wild buying every dog gift idea that comes to you, consider whether you’re buying a gift for the dog or for the owner. People often buy vanity gifts that they will enjoy more than their puppy, and this is okay.

There are lots of fun gifts you can get that show love for dogs but are gifts for the owner, like Impersonate Me pet portraits. And alongside these kinds of gifts, you can also get something for the pet. Even if you need a dog gift on a budget, there are plenty of options any puppy would enjoy.

  1. Safety First

Whether you’re buying dog gifts online or in the store, you want to make sure it will be a safe toy for your dog to play with. Not all toys that are made for dogs are great for them to play with unsupervised. You don’t want anything sharp or that has ribbons or bands that your dog could chew off and swallow.

Don’t give a dog a rawhide-covered toy. This can go soft and get stuck in their throat if they try to swallow it. Swallow toys can be a big risk for dogs, so consider what the toy is made out of and how easy it is to tear.

Interactive toys may be great to entertain a dog while you’re busy around the house, but they also have a lot of moving parts. Make sure it doesn’t have anything that could hit your dog in the eye or cause any possible damage if you aren’t watching all the time.

  1. How Does Your Dog Play?

Is the dog you’re buying a gift for big on chewing up and destroying the toys? Or do they prefer to be gentle and carry their toys around like a doting parent? If you’re getting your dog a toy with a squeaker, you need to make sure they don’t tear it apart and swallow what’s inside.

Some toys may be toys that require supervision, but it can all depend on the dog. If your dog has more of a killer instinct and wants a toy they can tear apart, you will want something more durable, so they have to work for it.

You can get soft toys for all dogs, but be on the lookout for things like stuffing or small bits of toys around the house. This can indicate your dog has ripped open one of their toys and may need a new one. Checking things like online customer reviews if you’re shopping on the internet can be good indications of how durable toys are and what dogs they’re best suited for.

  1. The Right Size

If you are buying dog gifts online, be sure you check the description of the toy and the overall dimensions. Not all dogs are the same size, and so some gifts may fit better than others. If your dog likes to hunt and attack toys, buy one that would fit the size of prey they would go for in the wild, like a rabbit or squirrel.

There are plenty of dog gifts that won’t work for smaller dogs, because it isn’t a good size for them. Some smaller dogs like a big oversized toy to cart around, while others don’t want anything they struggle to pick up. Learn about the dog you’re buying the gift for, and pick something that suits them and their needs.

  1. Right Energy Levels

Not all dogs play the same or want to. If you’re buying a gift for a dog that likes to run around outside for hours, an active toy is a perfect choice. If you are buying for a dog that would rather sit on the couch with you while you watch your favorite show and sometimes go on a small walk, something to make them run isn’t going to go far.

Think about the activities the dog you’re buying for likes to do. Get the dog a gift they can use and enjoy, and won’t just sit in a toy basket or cupboard for years. You can always buy treats as a gift, but make sure they are treats the dog likes.

  1. The Type of Dog

Puzzles and reward-type toys that give treats when the dog solves them are great for smart dogs that want to work it out. However, this might not fit with every dog’s personality. Just as you have to consider energy levels, you also have to consider dog breed and personality.

If you’re buying a gift for someone else’s dog, consult with the owners on what their dog likes to do and eat. And if you are buying for your own dog, research the breed a bit and learn about what they were bred to do.

Choosing Gifts for Dogs

Dogs easily become part of the family, and so choosing gifts for dogs can feel just as important. Whether you’re shopping for the holiday season or another occasion, there are plenty of options available.

Don’t forget to think about the type of dog pet supplies  you’re buying for, and how to get a safe and enjoyable gift. And if you found this guide helpful, keep reading for more great tips.



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