Safety Signs: A Complete Guide

In commercial and industrial contexts, Australian law imposes stringent criteria for the presentation and display of mandated safety signs. In most instances, the presence of erroneous or non-compliant signage where it is needed will result in severe fines. There are many safety signs in Australia that are pervasive in the workplace. Whether you perform in an office or a factory, you are surrounded by various safety indicators. Although these signs might often fade into the background throughout the workday, they are a crucial component of every workplace, particularly in high-risk occupations where lives are at risk if safety procedures are not followed at every stage.

What is a Safety Sign?

A safety sign conveys a specific message to individuals who may be exposed to dangers in the workplace. Its purpose may be to avoid accidents, highlight health hazards, show the location of emergency and safety equipment, or provide guidance and instructions during an emergency.

The fundamental purpose of safety signs in Australia is to avoid injuries and ensure that visitors and employees are informed of potential hazards and dangers in certain circumstances or surroundings.

Safety signs also give instructions in times of emergency, which protects employees and property owners from legal issues in the event of an accident.

Many hazards in your workplace or facility may go unseen, especially by tourists and members of the general public who may visit your location.

Six Safety Signs Complying with the Australian Standard

There are six distinct safety signs in Australia, each having a standard appearance to facilitate continuity. Understanding these categories can help determine where to install or position them in your workplace or institution.

The six official types of safety signage in Australia are:

1. Prohibition indications
2. Required signs
3. Warning symptoms
4. Danger signs
5. Emergency warning signals
6. Fire signs

Australian Standard 1319:1994, commonly known as Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment, has several signs. There are also generalised signs that are not part of the statutory standards but are popular owing to their frequent requirements.

Additionally, there are COVID-19 signs that remind employees and visitors of vital health precautions during the pandemic. These include indicators of social distance and reminders to wear a mask, which help prevent illness transmission.

Why Are Safety Signs Necessary on Construction Sites?

Construction signs are required to guarantee that your organisation complies with occupational health and safety regulations. Several types of signage are used on Australian building sites, each with a unique appearance and function. They cover any hazard, danger, or other information employees and anyone visiting the workplace must be aware of.
It is vital to emphasise that people should not wholly depend on safety signs and that signs cannot replace well-trained employees. The goal of signs is to act as a reminder and assist people unfamiliar with your building site or procedures.
Safety signals must be straightforward. Simple pictures or phrases are significantly more effective than detailed instructions for a person to make a quick judgement. Many are usually recognisable, such as the red circular prohibition sign. Still, depending on the circumstance, some may need to be more precise.
Australia has enacted legislation mandating the use of signage in all workplaces, including construction sites and office buildings. Therefore, compliance with these rules is both advantageous and necessary.


Knowing the many safety indicators in the workplace may be a matter of life and death. It is essential to have compliant safety signs in Australia to prevent miscommunication and ensure that everyone has the same knowledge of and adheres to the particular rules and instructions offered in a specific area or workplace.

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