OSRS shattered Relics League Tasks

Top tasks in the OSRS Shattered Relics League

The Shattered Relics League is the third league in Old School RuneScape and since its release earlier this year, fans have been anticipating the new features and tasks available on the game. This latest version offers players new measures and improvements to the previous franchise but with a few restrictions that require unlocking.

The tasks in OSRS shattered Relics League allows players to earn league points and a special token called Sage’s Renown. Since players do not get complete access to skills and rewards, Sage’s Renown allows you to unlock skills, additional fragment slots, Auto-quests, and bosses. This game offers over 100 tasks so you will have loads of fun trying to complete each quest. Each task comes in five major difficulty levels which makes it more challenging based on your level of skill in the game. These difficulty modes include:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Elite
  • Master 

The OSRS shattered Relics League 3 also follows the same pattern as the previous two franchises in that all the tasks are broken into 3 regions. Every arena and part of the map is open to players, unlike the previous leagues. However, the only restriction on the SRL 3 is the lack of access to complete skills and entire bosses. 

Once you complete a task you get rewards such as league points, OSRS gold, and Sage’s Renown. The difficulty level of the task determines the rewards you get at the end of the task. 

Tasks in the OSRS Shattered Relics League

OSRS Shattered Relics League offers exciting tasks from the very first day you sit down at your gaming desk and begin to play. Remember completing these tasks earns you rewards and exclusive access to new skills, additional slots, and much more.

Here are some of the tasks available in OSRS SRL and how to complete them.

Stronghold of Security

The game starts off on Day one at Catherby, and your first goal should be getting your 10k gold pieces from the stronghold of security. With efficient pathing and a strategy, you will have no problem completing this task. Every player gets three free unlocks at the beginning of the game. The thieving unlock comes in handy in completing this task. While it isn’t as effective as it was in other leagues, entering the stronghold of security will help you collect your coins quickly. You will find the stronghold of security as you advance in each level of the stronghold. 

The stronghold of security is a task on its own. Therefore, collecting gold pieces allows you to have enough funds to purchase items and pieces as you continue your task. You can choose to purchase OSRS items for sale to acquire some for yourself if you find it difficult to claim the ones you want.

Acquiring your 10k gold pieces is a perfect start to the league and adds to your task rewards as you progress.

Completing Quests

You get a variety and a bunch of quests as you start playing. Quests are perfect gateways to attain maximum rewards before facing more difficult tasks. 

There are some easy beginner quests that you can easily complete and collect rewards. 

Some early quests that are pretty easy to complete include:

  • Monks Friend
  • Hazeel Cult
  • Sea Slug
  • Fishing contest

Completing your quests early on is a great strategy to begin the league.  You need to have enough gold to unlock important skills and items to fulfill your quests. For this, you may have to buy OSRS gold to purchase these skills and acquire your rewards upon completing your quests. While playing these Quests may be fun, you must ensure that you complete quests that give XP rewards for only the skills you have unlocked. Having XP rewards on skills that are not available makes your rewards more or less worthless as you will get no experience on them. 

Therefore, unlock the relevant skills first, get your XP rewards, and possibly some xng to give you free relics.

Unlock Skills and  Fragment Slots 

There are various tasks available for you to acquire skills and extra fragments posts that do not come with the league. Gaining Sage’s Renown is easier than ever due to the number of simple tasks available. You can check out the list of tasks and pick the easiest among the lot. So take advantage of the tasks available to rack up as many skills and fragment slots as possible. There are also some OSRS accounts for sale that have unlocked new skills and fragment slots.

 Our advice is to unlock skills that will give you decent XP quest rewards or another item that will unlock other tasks. “AGILITY” is one of the skills that offer many tasks to complete the skill. 

Diaries & Waystones

Next up on our list is the Diaries and waystones.

Since the SRL boasts of a huge array of tasks, the diaries are often neglected. However, some diaries offer solid rewards and extra bonuses. You also get some experience lamps when you complete a few dairy sections. This XP lamp is based on the exp multiplier attached to each section which means you can have an excellent start with rewards on some skills that may be difficult to train at first. 

Waystones are also pretty useful when playing this league. Whenever you come across new areas and places, take some time to pick up a few waystones.

These items can be very valuable in attaining rewards and skills. Waystones are unlocked as soon as your characters pass through an area. So take nothing more than an extra minute to search for waystones that are open and available. This will save you a lot of time at the end of the day. 

Diaries are one of the most underrated and least talked about aspects of OSRS Shattered Relics League. 

As an extra tip, you should take a look at the list of tasks available on trailblazer. This will give you an idea of the tasks you can play that will earn you rewards and get yourself familiar with the league. 

There are still some tasks that aren’t included in the league which will be regularly updated. You will also find many fragments without a clear idea of what they perform. So it only gets better and more interesting as you continue to play.

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