MNP Full Form – What Is Full Form of MNP and MNP Process?

MNP Full Form: Now MNP is very important in India. Because the competition is at the highest level in the Telecoms industry. This moment JIo, Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and BSNL are only a few Telecom operators in India.

So, they are fighting with each other By updating Thier Packages and Plans for Consumers. So, As we are Consumers or Users then we think to use Cheap price better Quality Network. So, MNP is most important for this process.

MNP Full Form

So, the MNP Full Form is “Mobile Number Portability“. So, Now let’s Learn all Details of the MNP process. How To Port Your Mobile Number? , What Doucoment need to Port Mobile Number? And How to Port Form Jio To Airtel? What are the Benefits of MNP?

What is MNP?

We Can Say MNP is An Acronym and it is used as short Form some Word and Sentence. So, the MNP Full Form is mainly “Mobile Number Portability”. And Now is the Question is What is Mobile Number Portability or MNP

What is Mobile Number portability so, the answer is “The Mobile Number Portability is the Process by you can join Another Telecom operator without changing your Number”.


MNP is a very simple process by which you Connect with any operator without changing your number.

So, if you’re using Vodafone or Airtel but now you want to use Jio but also, you don’t want to change the Current Mobile phone Number then you Can use MNP. After MNP your switching for JIO and after MNP your Vodafone or Airtel SIM becomes JIO Sim.

By this, way you can use MNP also if you see one operator giving Cheapest Price Offer then You can easily switch for them by MNP.

So, Now the Time to Learn the MNP Full Form and All process for MNP. How To do MNP? What is the Document need for MNP? How many days take for MNP?

What is the MNP Full Form?

There are many full forms MNP has. So, we mainly use the MNP Full-Form for “Mobile Number Portability

Also, there are many full forms of MNP and those Full forms are Given below. So, You can learn all MNP Full Form in the below paragraph.

How to Do MNP? MNP Process?

The Process of MNP is very important to learn before doing MNP. So, read all the processes of MNP below.

  • First, Thing if you don’t know anything about MNP you can ask Customer care they tell you all things about MNP. Otherwise, We Put all the information here just read all you can understand all the MNP Processes.
  • Just catch your Mobile then open your Message Box and If you want to Do MNP then you have to write an SMS to Your telecom Company.
  • Now Click on Create New SMS or massage then Write “PORT <SPACE> Mobile Number” In Capital letter Then Send it to 1900. EX- “PORT 8658700283” then send it to 1900. Write the mobile Number that you want to a portable
  • Now they send your UPC(Unique Porting Code) on your mobile shortly. After the Company Customer Care Calls to you to ask about the Problem of why you want a port. Also, Sometimes they offer some Benefits to you for never live them.
  • If they don’t provide any offer to you or You may not like their offer and you want to MNP then follow the below steps.
  • Just Go to the Office of the Company You want to join. If you want to join Airtel then go to airtel office. Also, if you want to join JIO then go to the JIO office.
  • Then Fillup the MNP or Porting form with Correctly then provide the required document in the office. If don’t know what is the required document for MNP? then read below.
  • In this way, you can apply or request for porting your Mobile Number. After 7 to 10 days your request will be accepted.
  • After MNP your Mobile Number is switch to a w Network. Now if you want to know How to Check your MNP Status? then read the below paragraph.

Required Document For MNP? MNP Full Form

There some Important Documents that are must be needed to MNP your mobile Number. So, the is given below

  • CAF(Customer Agreement Form) with all details filled.
  • Copy or Xerox Of your Address proof (Electric Bill/ Aadhar card/ Green Card, etc)
  • Copy or Xerox Of your Identity Proof (Aadhar Card/ Voter ID/Pan Card/ Passport, etc.)
  • If You want to use Postpaid plans then you may need your last paid bill of your Service provider operator.

MNP Limitations to Remember – MNP Full Form

MNP Full Form is “Mobile Number Portability” and Also, MNP has some Important Rule and Limitations that you must have to know before going to Porting your SIM Card. So, that are listed below read them

  1. You can not MNP a Landline or Fixed Wireless phone numbers. or You can not Change landline Connection to another SIM operator because all operator doesn’t provide Line or Wire Connection like BSNL. So, You Only Can be port your mobile numbers.
  2. You Can Port your mobile Number just in Existing Circle. If you want to change west Bengal mobile number to Goa then it can’t possibly.
  3. You easily port you Prepaid Service Mobile number to postpaid Service number.
  4. Make sure you apply in time to avoid rejection due to the expiry of UPC. This includes the time required to process your application (Should be 2 days max).
  5. You may port your Mobile Number if it is Three Months Old. Also, After Porting you have to wait for three months to again port your mobile number to another operator.

How to MNP Form Jio To Airtel?

Now is the biggest time of competition in the telecom industry. So, many people are Doing MNP. Every day many people switch their network.

After Jio charging the 6 paise per minute on calls to another Network. There are many people wants to live Live and to connect with Airtel. Because Airtel provides free unlimited calls to any network. So, Let’s learn How to MNP Form Jio To Airtel?

JIO to Airtel MNP

Following the Above Process of MNP, you can easily do your MNP. So, First just SMS “PORT <SPACE> Mobile Number” In Capital letter Then Send it to 1900. After Sometime you will receive An UPC Code From your operator.

Just Keep the required Document with you and go to Airtel Office and Just doing the Formalities and then wait for 7 to 10 days and then your Porting of SIM will be completed.

How to MNP Form Airtel To JIO? MNP Full Form

Also, there are many people who love JIO they want to live other operators so, they want MNP to JIO. So, Let’s Learn How to MNP Form Airtel To JIO?

Airtel To JIO MNP

Following the Above Process of MNP, you can easily do your MNP. So, First just SMS “PORT <SPACE> Mobile Number” In Capital letter Then Send it to 1900. After Sometime you will receive An UPC Code From your operator.

Just Keep the required Document with you and go to JIO Office and Just doing the Formalities and then wait for 7 to 10 days and then your Porting of SIM will be completed.

Benefits of MNP? MNP Full Form

There Are Some benefits you get if you apply for MNP, So let’s learn what benefits you may get by applying the MNP process.

When you send a message to 1900 then the UPC code will shortly be delivered to your Mobile phone. Also, from the company Customer care a Call for you with 24 hours. Also, on that call, they ask you about your problem.

Sometimes offers some gift voucher or Some plans to you to stay with their network. This offer you may get from the existing telecom operators.

Also, if you want MNP to another network sometime some telecom operators make special plans for MNP users. So, in these ways, you can get all the benefits of MNP.

How to Check MNP Status

There are no such to check your MNP status so, the question is how we know our Mobile Number Porting is Completed.

So, the process that we know our mobile Number will get ported. So, we just don’t have to do anything. After Portable Complete the Telecom Operator is informing you and you got the message about new offers for you from the new telecom operator.

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MNP Full Form in Hindi

देखिए दोस्तों अभी हम बात करेंगे की MNP का Full Form क्या है आप अगर इंग्लिश नहीं समझ रहे हो अभी आप हिंदी मैं MNP का सारे जानकारी लीजिए

वैसे तो आपको सायदा MNP की बारे मैं सबकुछ जानना बहुत ही जरुरी है ताकि आप किसी उलझन मैं ना फसे

तो दोस्तों MNP Full Form है “Mobile Number Portability” इसका मतलब है की आप अपने Mobile Number को ना बदल के अपना SIM Company को बदलना चाहते हो यानिकि बिना Mobile Number बदले आप JIO से Airtel या फिर Vodafone और Airtel , Vodafone से JIO मैं आना चाहते हो

देखिए दोस्तों अगर आप ENGLISH पढ़ के समझ सकते तो ऊपर सारे तरीका बताया गया है की आप कैसे अपने नंबर को MNP करोगे फिरभी अगर आप नहीं पढ़ पा रहे हैं निचे कमेंट कीजिए हम आपकेलिए सब कुछ Hindi मैं बताएंगे और याद रखे की Comment करने केलिए सिर्फ आपका Gmail Address होना चाहिए

All MNP Full Form

MNP AcronymMNP Full Forms
MNPMobile Number Portability
MNPNorthern Mariana Islands 
MNPMobile Network Provider
MNPMobile Network Prefix
MNPMicrocom Networking Protocol
MNPMovement of Natural Persons 
MNPMeyers Norris Penny LLP
MNPMilieu en Natuur Planbureau 
MNPMarine Natural Product
MNPMobile Notary Public
MNPMequon Nature Preserve 
MNPMajella National Park 
MNPMaritimes & Northeast Pipeline
MNPMouvement Nationale Populaire 
MNPMovimento Nacional de Produtores
MNPMaster Navigation Plan
MNPMicrosoft Network Protocol
MNPMouvement Nationalist du Progrès 
MNPMaximum Negative Pressure
MNPManual de Normas e Procedimentos
MNPMicrocomputer Networking Protocol
MNPMi Nuevo País

MNP Full Form In the Community

The MNP Full Form is used over in many categories so, the Full form of MNP in the Community is “Movement of Natural Person” and ” Milieu en Natuur Planbureau” and ” Mouvement Nationalist du Progrès “

Also, MNP Full Form mainly depends on the “Mobile Number Portability”

Conclusion – MNP Full Form

The Above post is completely about the MNP Full Form. By Conclusion, MNP Full Form is Mobile Number Portability

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