Involved in an Accident? Here’s What to Do

Most people aren’t really sure what to do after being in an accident. If the accident isn’t serious, is it necessary to call the police? How do you know what information to take down from the other person, and how much should you share? For serious accidents, going for emergency medical care immediately may be necessary. For less serious accidents, there may be time to take the right steps to make sure everything is done properly and maximize the potential for any compensation from the accident. 

Call the Police for a Report

Those who have been involved in an accident should contact the police for help immediately. By contacting emergency services, it’s possible to have officers, as well as emergency medical technicians, arrive quickly. The EMT professionals will check out everyone involved in the accident and make recommendations for follow-up medical care if emergency care isn’t needed. If it is, make sure you wait for their arrival. Unless of course, someone’s heart stopped and you know how to help because you have a CPR certification. The officers will help by writing a report of what happened, gathering information from everyone involved in the accident, and making sure the scene of the accident is cleared so nothing else happens. They can also help direct traffic, if needed, to prevent another accident. 

Take Photos of the Accident

It’s important to take as many photos as possible of the accident at the scene and before any vehicles are moved. The photos should show where the cars were located after they stopped, what the area looks like, the weather at the time of the accident, any damages to all vehicles involved in the accident, and anything else that’s possible to capture. All of this can be used as evidence of what happened during settlement negotiations or a trial. 


Write Down What Happened

Over time, memory starts to fade. That’s just what happens and even though it may seem like it’s possible to remember the accident clearly, it’s possible details have been forgotten or don’t reflect what actually happened. It’s highly recommended that people write down what happened, as this can help those in the accident to remember what occurred more clearly. It also can serve as evidence, if needed. 

Seek Medical Care for Injuries

Those who have been injured, even if they seem to be minor injuries, should still seek medical care. Those who do not feel injured should have an examination done by a medical provider as soon as possible after the accident. The reason for seeking medical care in both of these situations is to discover if there are any hidden injuries and, if so, to have them treated before they become worse. 

Talk to a Lawyer About Compensation

After leaving the scene of the accident, it’s a good idea to speak with a lawyer about getting compensation for the accident. Most states require drivers to have at least a minimal amount of car insurance when driving. The at-fault driver’s insurance should cover medical bills, car repair or replacement costs, lost wages, and other expenses for the victim of the accident. However, a lawyer may be needed to make sure the victim obtains the full amount of compensation they’re owed. 

After a car accident, taking the right steps can make a huge difference in the outcome of any settlement negotiations or court cases regarding the accident. Those who are injured or who suffer damages in an accident may want to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to learn what their options are and what they might be able to receive in compensation. 

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