How to Spot and Avoid a Fake Forex Firm? 

Trading is a profession that has evolved the most over the course of time. There was a time when it was all about barter and now we have moved well beyond the time of paper money as we are welcoming the digital tokens. As it evolved and took new shapes it also spread out branches that attracted the attention of masses equally. Forex trading is one of them. With the digital revolution striking the area massive developments came out and one of them was the emergence of forex firms which eliminated the need to make trips to the stock exchanges. Because of the ease offered, traders ran to join them. scannable fake id


However, soon it was seen that with the reliable firms came many fake ones. News of the traders being looted became common and this kept many people fake id away from the profession. Unfortunately, we still lack the required degree of regulation and this provides a perfect atmosphere for such imposter firms to thrive. Although this has limited our choices to a great extent, if you remain cautious and attentive, you can easily spot a fake firm and avoid it.


The Investment Center Broker Mr Troy Hewitt has been working in this area for a long time now. He has extensively researched and studied how fake and real forex firms work. This has allowed him to quickly distinguish between the fake and the real ones. He says that if you educate yourselves regarding the matter in the right way and then look at these firms closely, you can find markers that help you distinguish between two in no time. Today we have him with us to brief us in this regard.


Unrealistic Claims

Mr Hewitt says that a fake forex firm would never target an experienced trader unless they have come up with a highly innovative way to scam. They are fully aware of the weakness of young traders and like to work on them because they seem more promising to them. Someone  new would want a quick buck and hence they are naturally attracted towards unbelievable statements like 100% guaranteed profits. An unrealistic promise is nothing but a trap. Once you sign up for the firm, they get hold of your private and sensitive information which can be easily used to access your account. There’s only one rule to avoid it, stay away from claims that look too good to be true.

Customer Support

A reliable firm always ensures that its customer support is well laid out. The hired individuals are always trained to reply to customer queries in a comprehensive and satisfactory manner. If you feel like your company is lingering you on with vague replies like “we are looking into it” or “we will update you soon” then the time has come that you reconsider continuing working with the firm. An authentic firm provides their customers with substantial and satisfactory answers because they don’t believe in keeping their customers away from the truth.



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