How Safe Are CBD Products

How Safe Are CBD Products?

CBD-infused hemp products are a relatively new addition to the health and wellness world. Hemp plants have been used throughout history for health purposes. However, only in the last few years have CBD supplements become the norm in Australia.

Finding hemp products in Australia has become much easier, and they are now considered a common dietary supplement. This sudden trend is partly down to several high-profile cases in the media that have highlighted the potential benefits of CBD.

Alongside media stories, there has been an increased focus on scientific research and a better understanding of how CBD works within the body. Most of the research focuses on the benefits of CBD and why people should be using it. There is much less attention given to safety and any risks that come with CBD products.

To really get the most out of hemp oil products, it is vital to have confidence in them. Understanding the research into hemp oil products and their safety helps build trust and ensure the best possible results.

Exactly how safe are CBD products, and are they really worth trying?

What Can Be Learned from Scientific Studies?

One of the reasons CBD products are so popular is that they are often safer than their alternatives. This is partly because CBD is derived from hemp plants and is a natural substance.

 Research supports the idea that CBD is a safe supplement and has found that it has fewer potential side effects than similar products in the majority of cases. 

 One study, in particular, looked at using CBD as a method of treating epilepsy and psychotic disorders. The safety of CBD was compared with other medications used to manage this condition.

 The conclusion was that CBD had the best side effect profile out of all the treatments tested. In other words, it showed the least potential to cause side effects.

 When side effects were observed, they were deemed mild compared to some of the impacts that other remedies can have. The most common were tiredness, diarrhea, and appetite changes.

 However, the conclusion draws attention to the fact that participants were given a much larger dose of CBD than one would usually take at home as a dietary supplement. The study noted that a larger sample size would be needed to draw complete conclusions.

 Other research projects have noted a few additional effects that can occur when taking CBD in large doses. These effects include nausea and irritability but were no worse than those that can occur with other medications that would be used for a similar purpose.

 Most studies use larger than average doses of CBD, which makes it challenging to know what occurs with more typical supplements. The CBD supplements sold in health food stores and pharmacies contain a much lower dosage and, in turn, are less likely to cause adverse effects.


How Does CBD Interact with Different Medications?

Another concern for people taking CBD supplements is how they will interact with other medications. Peter Grinspoon, a contributor at the Harvard Medical School, has researched this topic to review any concerns that people should be aware of.

 Grinspoon noted that CBD could increase the levels of the blood thinner Coumadin in a similar way to how grapefruits can. This can be problematic for people who take blood-thinning medications.

 For anyone who takes regular medications or who has concerns about the side effects of CBD, it is generally a good idea to discuss these with a doctor who can give personalized advice.


Are CBD Products Right for Everyone?

Most CBD products that are sold as dietary supplements concern a much lower dose of CBD than is used in research studies. It is thought that most CBD supplements are safe to use and have a much lower chance of causing adverse effects.

 Unfortunately, even with the lowest dose products, there is still a chance of side effects. Everyone’s body reacts differently to things. Because of this, it is essential to try low-dose products first to gauge how the body responds.

 There are hundreds of hemp plants strains, and each one contains a slightly different ratio of cannabinoids. It can sometimes be worth trying out a few other CBD brands or types of products to see if the body responds differently to different plant strains.

 While CBD products offer many potential health benefits, it is vital to use them carefully at first and monitor their effects to ensure they are the best possible option.


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