How Cloud-Based Solutions Can Enhance Physical and Cyber Security Convergence

The emergence and integration of technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) devices have led to an interconnection of cyber-physical systems. This interconnection has led to blurred lines in physical and cyber security functions but can significantly enhance security in combination.

What are Cloud Based Solutions?

Cloud-based solutions or cloud computing is a term that defines delivering hosted services over the internet. There are two types of clouds-public and private, with the former selling services to anyone who can access the internet. A private cloud is a proprietary data center providing services for a select group with limited rights and access control. Cloud-based solutions aim to provide easy access to IT services and resources.

Converged security is significant as it brings together cyber and physical security, where they share resources, plans, and knowledge. The converged security can now handle attacks together as a stronger team. Converging your security also allows you to prevent a broader range of attacks and prevent loss or damage. Let’s find out how to enhance physical and cyber security via cloud-based solutions.

Physical Security Enhancement With Cloud-based Solutions

Physical security protects software, hardware, personnel, data, and network from physical damage or loss. This security includes protecting them from theft, fire, natural disasters, terrorism, vandalism, and burglary. Insurance covers most of these events, but prioritizing damage control prevents the waste of money, resources, and time.

You can boost your physical security with cloud-based solutions such as:

Centralized Management of Security Systems

It’s easier to control and manage the security systems when they are under a centralized management system. Having separate systems might cause confusion, but one system streamlines security and makes tracking and containing threats easier.

Real-time Monitoring and Response

Cloud-based solutions allow you to monitor and respond to incidents in real time. A cloud solution like surveillance cameras will enable you to monitor a physical threat within a premise in real-time, allowing you to counter the threat quickly. These solutions enable sharing live streamed data and video clips with third parties or law enforcement agencies.

Improved Access Control

It’s easier to control who has access when you have centralized management for your security system. The secret to maximizing your physical security is limiting and holding who has access to facilities, sites, and materials. Centralization means no one can gain access without the required controls, such as keypads or ID badges.

Automated Incident Response

Automated responses are possible when cloud-based solutions enhance physical security. Automated incident response leverages automation to monitor and track security alerts and respond automatically with predefined processes from your response plan.

Cyber Security Enhancement with Cloud-based Solutions

You enjoy several benefits when you enhance your cyber security with cloud solutions. These include:

Increased Data Security

Data breaches have become very prevalent. Cloud computing solutions offer security that protects sensitive information and ensures third parties do not eavesdrop or tamper with the data while in transit.

A cloud solution should protect the data lifecycle, and you must encrypt data, enforce multi-factor authentication, and have strong passwords.

Better Threat Detection and Response

A cloud solution offers better and faster threat detection and response. You should have security deployed in various endpoints, such as devices, access ports, and applications. A cloud-based solution must include visibility, 24/7 tracking and monitoring, and technology that provides a responsive and proactive threat management system. The system can thwart the threats using active monitoring to minimize the risks.

Automated Security Updates

Automated cloud security updates ensure you can gather all the data you need to secure your cloud environment. This automation frees you from concentrating on other things like growth and innovation. You do not have to worry about backing up your database or installing updates as the system automatically updates itself.

Centralized Management of Security Systems 

You can centralize your security controls in a cloud-based environment into one threat management solution. A unified threat management system protects your network from all external threats and manages functions like firewall controls, spam filters, spyware, virus protection, etc.

Centralized security allows you to save money that you would have used to pay for maintenance and buy hardware. The system also sends immediate notifications to the IT team in case of a common threat,  translating the alert into a policy that helps to remove the threat. Cloud-based solutions can play a significant role in physical and cyber security convergence. Physical and cyber security have their benefits, but when combined, they provide substantial benefits in security provision.

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