Foreign education is a dream for many Indians. The number of students seeking foreign education has drastically increased in recent years, whether it is due to the quality of education or the specific specialisation available in certain universities. As countries like the USA offer a record-breaking number of visas to more than 1.4 Lakh Indian students,  and Indians have more income to support this dream, it is becoming a reality for many.

While foreign education is still expensive, and planning to study abroad can be daunting for both the student and their parents, one thing that makes it all worth it is your children’s happiness and well-being. So much so that the total expenditure of students on foreign education has increased to US$47 billion in 2022, and the number of Indian students abroad exceeds 1 million.

After all, they are leaving the comfort of their homes and starting a new chapter in their lives for bigger and better things. To ensure their well-being and security during this time when they don’t have their primary support system near them, student travel insurance showcases its worth. 

Let us explore all you need to know about travel insurance for students.

What Is Student Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance for students is a specialised insurance offered to student travellers. This insurance differs from the insurance provided to regular travellers as it covers the entire study duration and offers several additional benefits specially designed for students. For example, suppose a student is going on a 2-year master’s course in the USA. In that case, the policy will cover the entire duration while also offering pre-existing medical condition coverage, which is required in many universities in the country.


  1. Travel insurance for students is mandatory in certain countries
  2. Certain medical institutions, like those in the USA, demand insurance or proof of ability to pay before offering treatment. 
  3. Treatment costs in certain countries are much higher than in India, and any unexpected medical emergency can lead to significant financial loss.
  4. Insurance from your country is cheaper and more cost-effective than opting for one the institution offers. 


India is a country where there are dozens of insurance providers vying for your attention, but which one is the best? Let us look at some key factors to consider when searching for the best student travel insurance. 

  • Coverages offered

Several insurers in India offer specialised coverage options for student travellers. While some of these coverages might be university requirements, others might be essentials for students. 

  • Exclusions

These are specific circumstances that the insurer does not cover. And if, for some reason, you are injured or incur losses due to taking part in these, your claim might be rejected. 

  • Premium cost

The premium cost is another determining factor when choosing an insurance provider. Most industry experts recommend that individuals get affordable but not the cheapest policy available.

  • Reliability of the insurer

The reliability of an insurer is important when trusting them with your child’s well-being. Opting for one with generally positive reviews and a good claim settlement ratio can help you choose the best insurer for your child. 

While everyone’s priorities and needs are different, by considering these factors when searching for an insurance provider can help you find the right one based on your needs. Based on my research and experience, Niva Bupa is one of the best insurance providers in the country for student travel insurance. 


Going abroad for studies can open up many new opportunities and possibilities, but it is essential to get it right so your child does not suffer because of it. By opting for the right travel insurance for students, you can ensure your child’s well-being even when they leave their nest to study abroad and open a new path for themselves. 


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