Furnace Maintenance and Care Tips to Prepare for Fall

Furnace Maintenance and Care Tips to Prepare for Fall

A furnace is a must if you live in a location that gets cold in winter. It will be far too cold to live if you don’t have proper heating.

That’s why the HVAC industry is expected to grow in 2022. People need all the help they can get as the climate keeps changing.

You need to perform regular furnace maintenance to keep the heat working in the winter. Follow the maintenance tips below to prepare your furnace for the fall.

Replace Your Filters

Filters are one maintenance task you don’t want to miss when handling HVAC maintenance. Your air filter helps clean the air that pumps into your home. However, it will clog with dirt and debris over time.

It will make it harder for your furnace to function when that happens. On top of that, it can cause other issues that may require a technician to come to fix. Replace your air filters several times a year to avoid this problem.

Look for Leaks

There should be no air coming from your air ducts and hoses. They must stay under pressure to move air through your vents and into your rooms.

However, there may be times when damage occurs and causes air leaks. Your hoses are one area you can quickly check to check for air pressure. If you do find a leak, get the proper tape to seal things.

Clean Outdoor Units

You’ll have an outdoor unit for a furnace if you have a whole-house unit. This unit will take outdoor air and cycle it inside to keep fresh air. However, it can get dirty outside.

Dirt and debris will eventually build up around your outdoor unit and cause issues if left alone for too long. One of the best furnace care tips you can follow is regularly cleaning your unit to keep it working optimally.

Clean Your Vents

Your vents are another part of your furnace that is worth cleaning regularly. Dirt and debris will build up inside your vent covers and vents. If there’s enough dirt there, it can impact your airflow.

Take a rag and wipe down as much of your vent as possible. If you want to clean your vent thoroughly, get warm and soapy water and wipe the inside of the duct yourself.

Get a Tune-Up

You may not be able to handle all maintenance tasks in your home to prepare a furnace for winter and fall. There are many things that a professional is more well-equipped to handle.

That’s why it makes sense to contact a heating professional for an annual tune-up for your furnace. They don’t cost too much and will keep your furnace in the best condition.

Now You’re Ready to Handle Furnace Maintenance

With how important your furnace is to keep yourself warm in cooler months, you can’t afford for it to break down when you need it most. Unfortunately, that will happen if you don’t do enough to maintain your HVAC system and let your furnace go to waste. Use the furnace maintenance tips above to ensure you keep your furnace working for a long time.

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