Different Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Settings to Choose from

When you are shopping for your engagement rings, one of the most essential elements that you must consider is durability. While many couples get their wedding rings after the engagement, most couples consider the engagement rings only as wedding rings. So, when you are about to wear the ring for your whole life, it has to be something durable that reflects the love and compassion that you share. 

Diamond engagement rings are quite popular because of their luster and royal feel. But if you wish to add a little bit more charm to it, there is no better option than a pink diamond engagement ring. They are not only pretty but also perfect to showcase your royalty.

 Pink diamonds are available in different shades and shapes from which you can choose the one suitable for your ring. But there is another element that you must choose while crafting your engagement ring, and that is the setting. 

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Whatever color pink diamonds you choose, they reflect a stunning appearance and create an attractive engagement ring. But depending on your choice and budget, you can choose from different settings for your pink diamond engagement ring. 

  • The Three Stone Setting:

If you wish to create a dramatic appearance with a pink diamond that is smaller than 0.50 carat, a three-stone diamond setting is the best option. In this format, the pink diamond is kept in the center, while there are other two colorless diamonds fitted at the sides of the pink diamond. A pink diamond with an orange tint is one of the best options for a three-stone setting engagement ring. 

  • Halo Setting:

A halo setting is extremely effective in enhancing the appearance of the diamond. In this style, the big round rock is surrounded by several small white diamonds to make the big pink diamond look more prominent. A pink diamond with a brownish tint is a great option for halo-setting engagement rings. 

  • Double Halo Setting:

A double halo setting is a setting in which there are two layers of diamonds surrounding a big diamond in the center. The double layer enhances the look of the big stone even more. Often in a double halo setting, the center rock is a white diamond while the small diamonds surrounding it are brownish pink diamonds. The second layer is again made up of white small diamonds. 

  • The Solitaire Setting:

The solitaire setting is one of the most popular settings for engagement rings. A huge pink diamond is fixed on a band or a ring without many other embellishments. Usually, vivid pink diamonds are used in solitaire settings. Also, a cushion cut is the best option for a solitaire engagement ring. 

You will find plenty of reasons to invest in a pink diamond engagement ring. The pink color symbolizes romance and commitment is one of the top reasons. Also, the variations available in the pink diamond offer engagement rings in several formats and settings. Select the appropriate shade and setting to celebrate your love and relationship with grace. 


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