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Whether it’s a file, audio, a video, or any length conversions, you find yourself in an urgent need to convert your files to other necessitated formats. When you arrive at such situations, you would want to find a way through which you can do the conversion as fast as possible without having to retype or do the work manually. Thankfully, as technology advances, the internet also provides you with online conversion tools convenient for use and less hassle. Conversion tools in this fast-advancing era are highly advisable and popular. Not only does it provide you with the fastest way to convert your files, but it also saves an ample amount of your time. Reading through this article will entice you to choose PDFBear as your ideal work partner. Learn to convert your PDF to PDF/A and other formats the quickest way, discover more about PDFBear, and get some tips and extra knowledge on using online conversion tools for your office and school works.

What is PDFBear?

This article will introduce an online conversion tool that will be the best suitable for your office works before anything else. Among thousands of other online websites, PDFBear is a free online converter created for everyone’s convenience. Indeed, a website where you could easily convert your documents, such as pdf to PDF/A, hassle-free and with just four quick and simple steps. Your usual hours spent on typing or retyping documents to their required format will be a minute-less job with PDFBear. The website is also made simple to navigate and with an easy-to-follow manual that will guide you and cater to your conversion needs. With no lingering advertisements, you may use the PDFBear for free with no trial-delimit or commitments- unless you are to subscribe to its pro version. With that being said, PDFBear’s pro version offers you more great features that are surely worth investing in. PDFBear offers a free 14 days trial for its Pro version, giving more reasons for you to choose PDFBear as your perfect work partner. The website is accessible whenever you have your PDF to PDFA conversion in no time.

What is a PDF/A document?

Do you know what PDF/A files are for? If not, PDF/A is an ISO-standardized file format of a PDF (Portable Data Format) specialized in archiving and preserving electronic documents for the long-term. Regular PDF files have features such as font embedding and encryption that are unsuitable for long-term archiving. For that reason, PDF/A formatting is developed and is the necessary file formatting for such a purpose. Together with the constant advancements in technology, Microsoft, the developer of such documents, ensures that PDF/A standards gradually evolve to meet new needs and use newer technology as modern innovations constantly advance. Another advantage of converting your files to PDF/A format is that it ensures that a certain document could be propagated exactly as its original, regardless of variations in technology or software used.

Convert Your PDF to PDF/A Using PDFBear with Four Steps

PDFBear makes file conversions effortless. First, open PDFBear on your browser. PDFBear is made accessible on any browser and gadget. Once you have opened the website, look for the “convert PDF to PDF/A” option. Four quick and simple steps are needed to convert your PDF to the necessary PDF/A format. To convert your files, simply follow these steps using the PDFBear online tool:

  • Step One: Upload the PDF you wish to convert to PDF/A.
  • Step Two: Your PDF is being uploaded and scanned.
  • Step Three: Wait for the conversion to be completed.
  • Step Four: The PDF is converted to PDF/A. The converted document could be instantly downloaded afterward. 

PDF Additional Features 

PDFBear is not only an online tool where you could convert your Portable Data Format (PDF) files to PDF/A formats. PDFBear also provides its users with multiple file conversions such as the following:

  • Convert to PDF. Convert your Excel, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, or even pictures to PDFormat. 
  • Convert from PDF. Convert your PDF to Word docs, JPG, Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, and PDF/A files. 
  • Organize PDF. This application helps you merge, split, or delete pages from your PDF files. 
  • Optimize PDF. Compresses or repairs PDFs.
  • View and Edit PDF. With PDFBear, you can edit your PDF, share documents, read PDF files, add watermark, number pages, rotate, and have an e-sign on your PDF files. 
  • PDF Security. Protect and unlock PDFs. 

Advantages of PDFBear

Why should you use PDFBear among thousand more other websites? The answer is simple. PDFBear offers you the best file conversion and guaranteed security. There are numerous advantageous privileges that this online free converter offers compared to other online conversion tools. Besides that, it is free, and you may use it as much as you would like. PDFBear also saves you from the hassle of downloading and installing any application or software for file conversions.

Additionally, PDFBear is free of lingering advertisements that would usually be annoying compared to other websites, especially when you have some business to finish. With PDFBear, file conversions would only last you a minute or two, saving you more time than when you usually type out or re-type documents. Highly advanced, PDFBear’s security will protect the entirety of your uploaded document with their 256-bit Encryption technology. The website is also universally available to anyone and on all kinds of platforms and gadgets. What has been said are simply the website’s highlights, and if you are drawn to it, then it’s time for you to try it for yourself and guarantee that this article isn’t just pure talking.


Converting PDF to PDF/A is most relevant among employees and even employers that often deal with important documents that are needed to be reproduced or preserved for future purposes. Another common reason is the quick advancements in technology. Thus, these online tools were created to address modern problems with technological solutions, such as preserving the formatting or the need to archive important documents for long-term preservation and use. With simple steps online and few clicks, PDFBear can convert your documents as necessitated. Though there are many other online conversion websites out there for file conversion, PDFBear is known to be one of the best. Offering you lots of services, guaranteed privacy, and accessibility, PDFBear is a convenient one-stop-website for any of your file conversion and editing needs. PDFBear is the perfect work partner for you!


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