4 Simple Ways How To Convert Excel To PDF file 


COVID-19 pandemic has affected the educational system in the whole world. Many universities/ schools worldwide have either postponed or canceled all campus face-to-face activities to minimize the transmission of the virus. Due to the suspension of classroom teaching, universities/ schools came up with the online class set-up.


E-learning provides many benefits for students because it involves student-centeredness. It is a more flexible and improved interaction with students by providing tools, such as electronic mail, forums, chats, video conferences. Today, the education system is in a continuous state of change. This change is to keep pace with the needs and requirements of teachers and students. One of the needed things after finishing an activity is to submit it in a PDF file. Also, teachers give out activities in word or Excel files in which students convert them to PDF for easier viewing. Here are steps or possible ways on how to convert Excel to PDF.


Using online conversion websites


Luckily for users today, there are many ways to convert Excel to PDF online for free such as PDFBear. Not only Excel to PDF but also various PDF to other format conversions and vice versa. These online tools could help teachers in addition to students in school work.


Since most online converters have the same process, you can navigate easily between tabs to choose a proper conversion type, select the desired format and click Convert. When finished converting, you can either download the converted PDF file on any computer or mobile gadget.


Using Microsoft Excel 


For quite some time, PDF and Excel are formats that have been around and always popular among users. The possibility to transmit Excel files directly to PDF is only available in Excel 2007 and up. If you have any modern version installed, by following this quick and straightforward method, the user can convert Excel to PDF.


When using Microsoft Excel, it permits the exporting of selected tables or ranges from your worksheet, as well as saving one or several worksheets or the entire workbook as a PDF File. 


  • First, locate and open the Excel file. The user must select the ranges or sheets to be converted to a PDF file. 


If you have chosen a worksheet to be converted as a PDF file, make it active by simply clicking the sheet’s tab. For several worksheets, the user must select them all. To select adjacent sheets, click the first tab while pressing the Shift and click the chosen adjacent worksheet. For non-adjacent sheets, press Ctrl on your keyboard while clicking the selected tabs to be saved as PDF. But if the user wants to save the file as a single PDF file, skip this step.


  •  After selecting the worksheets to be converted, click on the File tab in the Menu bar and choose Save As.
  • After clicking Save As, a dialog will pop out, select Save as type and choose PDF (.*PDF) from the drop-down list.


  • If the user wants to print the PDF document with high-resolution, click Optimize for in the dialog box and tick Standard. But if the user wants it to be capacity-wise, select the Minimum size. 


  • Click Options from the lower part of the window.
  • An Options dialog box will pop out, and this will give the user the option to select whether ranges, active sheets, table, or the entire workbook will be converted to PDF.
  • After choosing the desired sheet or file to be converted as PDF, click Ok. 


Excel provides a few basic settings. Exporting/ converting Excel files to PDF using Microsoft Excel is simple and very easy to use.


  1. Email as PDF attachment using Excel 


This type of conversion will convert your Excel file to PDF and create a new message with the converted PDF attached without any codes. This tool is useful if you are sending files as PDFs. 


Locate the “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” from the menu by using the right-click. 


In the Excel Options menu, the user can add the “Email as PDF Attachment” command.


First, the user must be in the “Quick Access Toolbar” Tab in the Options menu. After doing that, choose “All Commands” from the selection, scroll down and pick “E-mail as PDF Attachment”. After selecting, press the “Add” button for it to be included in the selection of the user’s Quick Access Toolbar Commands, and finally, press “Ok”. This will place the “E-mail as PDF Attachment” into the user’s quick access toolbar. 

When the user will press this command, it will automatically produce a new outlook email with a subject line of the Excel workbook name. The PDF file of the converted Excel file will serve as an attachment.


  1. Using Adobe Tools 


All Adobe is not as generous as other software or online converters when it comes to converting Excel to PDF, and this software does not provide any free method for this. 




If the user has paid the subscription fee, Adobe has introduced the “Create PDF” tab wherein the user can convert an Excel file (.xls) to PDF format in a single click. 


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