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CGPA Full Form: Cumulative Grade Point Average, What is it? How to calculate it 3

CGPA Full Form is Cumulative Grade Point Average.


What is CGPA? || cgpa full form

CGPA is a system of grading points by which the course of study is evaluated and graded. It is a rough way to measure the performance of a student. GPA (GPA) is an educational score awarded to a student after their academic program. It is also a key component for academic funding in various universities in the US, Australia, UK, Canada, and many other countries.

CGPA is an award given to students by schools and colleges to denote their academic performance. -Many classes in India have this system of grading.There is a common grading system for each university or course. For instance, 10th std students. 7.8 CGPA is equivalent to 1.2 – 1.5 grade in India (Minus 50%), 8.2 CGPA or 2.0 CGPA is equivalent to 1.9 – 2.0 grade in India (Minus 20%).


How to calculate GPA? || full form of cgpa || cgpa full form

  • A student has to have a minimum of 60% marks out of total subjects to pass the course.
  • They have to have a minimum of 5 CGPA out of total marks in all the semesters to pass the course.
  • They have to have a minimum of 1.5 CGPA out of total marks in all the semesters for a pass degree.
  • A GPA of 60% or more in a semester for a B.Tech/MCA/ED course is considered an A grade in India, and a 75% or more GPA in a semester for any other course is considered a B+ grade.

Here’s the official GPA chart for B.Tech/MCA/ED from Gateway IIT:

How is GPA calculated? || cgpa full form to percentage || cgpa full form

  • Calculating GPA is a bit tricky. Just divide the total number of semester marks by the number of CGPA for that semester.
  • Divide the total overall GPA in a semester by the number of CGPA in the course.


How to calculate CGPA? || cgpa full form in education

Here is an example that shows how to calculate GPA: A student takes English A every semester for four years. The course has a total duration of one year. It is a two-year course. If the student achieved a cumulative GPA of 9.6 out of 10, they have achieved an outstanding academic performance and qualified for the A-class.
Another student may have achieved a 9.4 out of 10, meaning they have a 94% total GPA. It means the student has achieved outstanding academic performance in itself. This example shows how to calculate GPA in one semester of an entire four years.


Steps for calculating GPA || cgpa full form in hindi

How to calculate GPA for an individual student?

Here are few steps to calculate GPA for individual students: For an average/ median student and highest average student A:

  • Calculate GPA by subtracting average of all semester GPA (ex. 9.6) and all semester GPA (9.5) and dividing it by average of all semester GPA (ex. 9.3).
  • For a student with a minimum 3.3 CGPA A.
  • Calculate GPA by subtracting the average of all semester GPA (ex. 3.3) and all semester GPA (ex. 3.3).
  • Divide it by the average of all semester GPA (ex. 3.3).
  • If it comes to a percentage less than 90%, divide it by 30%— steps to calculate GPA for a specific semester:
  • Calculate GPA by subtracting semester GPA from the average of all semester GPA (ex. 9.3).
  • Divide by total semester GPA (ex. 9.6).


Steps for calculating CGPA || cgpa full form

For calculating CGPA, students have to calculate the score with all the semesters done and the grade-point average for calculating the final semester marks. Scoring (A, B, C, D) This is calculated by adding 10 percent of the highest, 0 percent of the lowest, and 1 percent of the middle-grade mark. Formulas (The A and B are deducted as a student has done well in one subject and less than good in the other or the third one. The C is deducted because they have done poorly in some subjects. The D is the indicator for exceptional performance in a subject or a course. The F is that students have rejected the indicator for the course. The H is a negative sign in case a student failed to score well.


Conclusion || cgpa full form

GPA is not easy. It is a complex science. To achieve a GPA, the student has to work hard and monitor their performance regularly. But, GPA is a yardstick to measure a student’s performance on an academic level. If your results were not good, it’s okay, get ready for next semester and do better in the next one. If your results are good, you have the potential to work harder and improve your grades to score better in future exams.
In the case of the above example: 9.6 GPA means excellent performance in that subject. Therefore, a student with similar performance will score a higher GPA. This means that the student has a better chance to succeed. If students have lower grades in a particular subject, they have fewer chances of succeeding and improving in future exams.

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