BMP Full Form – What is the BMP Full Form?

The BMP Full Form is “Best Management Practice“, “Bone Morphogenetic Protein“, “Barcelona Meeting Point” and “Benchmark Models Program“. Also, BMP has many Full Forms there listed below.

Mainly BMP stands for “Bluetooth Mobile Phone“, “Basic Multilingual Plane“, “Basin Management Plan” and “Behavior Management Plan“. Now we listed various types of BMP Full Form in the below table.

All BMP Full Forms With Hindi Meaning

Best Management Practice
सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रबंधन अभ्यास
Bone Morphogenetic Protein
अस्थि मोर्फोजेनेटिक प्रोटीन
Barcelona Meeting Point
बार्सिलोना मीटिंग पॉइंट
Benchmark Models Program
बेंचमार्क मॉडल कार्यक्रम
Bluetooth Mobile Phone
ब्लूटूथ मोबाइल फोन
Basic Multilingual Plane
मूल बहुभाषी विमान
Basin Management Plan
बेसिन प्रबंधन योजना
Behavior Management Plan
व्यवहार प्रबंधन योजना
Building Maintenance Program
भवन रखरखाव कार्यक्रम
Bailey Metal Products
बेली मेटल प्रोडक्ट्स
Business Master Plan
बिजनेस मास्टर प्लान
Bay Master Processor
बे मास्टर प्रोसेसर
Brake Mean Power
ब्रेक मीन पावर
Boken Marine Platoon
बोकेन मरीन प्लाटून
Black Moon Pirates 
ब्लैक मून पाइरेट्स
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In the above table, we learn about many BMP Full Forms in English and Hindi meaning, Now we discuss more quastion asked on the internet frequently.

Q1 – What is BMP in dental?

In dental BMP Full Form is “Bone Morphogenetic Protein”.

Q2 – What is the Full Form of BMP in Hindi?

The Full Form of BMP in Hindi is “Barcelona Meeting Point” = “बार्सिलोना मीटिंग पॉइंट” and “Boken Marine Platoon” = “बोकेन मरीन प्लाटून”.

Q3 – What does BMP stands for?

BMP Full Form

Mainly BMP stands for “Bluetooth Mobile Phone”, “Basic Multilingual Plane”, “Basin Management Plan” and “Behavior Management Plan”.

Q4 – What is the Full Form of BMP?

The BMP Full Form is “Best Management Practice”, “Bone Morphogenetic Protein”, “Barcelona Meeting Point” and “Benchmark Models Program”.


Finally, we have concluded that BMP has many Full Forms and we found mainly BMP stands for “Bluetooth Mobile Phone“, “Basic Multilingual Plane“, “Basin Management Plan” and “Behavior Management Plan“.

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