Bitcoin Revolution Review: Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Revolution Review: Legit or Scam?

Researching Bitcoin Revolution was a bit of an eye-opener to how many millionaires Bitcoin has made in recent time. That aside, many questions have popped in as to if Bitcoin Revolution is genuine and reliable or it’s just another scam waiting to happen. 

It’s no news that there are over a thousand online money-making tools, but the question remains: which is legit and which is a scam? To help with these, the team did thorough research on Bitcoin Revolution and prepared this quick review to answer your questions. 

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is an auto trading bot designed to make trading cryptocurrency easy. The tool works automatically, requiring that the user has little or no trading or crypto market skill at all. Create an account, fund the account and turn on the live trade feature. The robot does all trading automatically without help. 

How does Bitcoin Revolution Work? 

The tool utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to carry out its operations. Our team of crypto professionals was intrigued by the results of the test. Although the process of analyzing how the platform was a bit tasking, the results were efficient. 

Every trading step is automated, and any user should be able to use the tool even without prior knowledge of trading cryptocurrency. Users are allowed to optimize and define the level of risk to satisfy their cravings. Also, every reader must read the tool trading guide carefully to understand risk management on the platform. 

There is a high certainty of profitability, as thousands of user reviews seem to make a good amount from the platform. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee of winning all the time. The Crypto market and prices are pretty unstable, and swings are inevitable. Bitcoin Revolution is built to try to minimize these risks.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam or legit?

On the scale of safety, reputation, transparency, and customer service, Bitcoin Revolution ranks highly. 

The platform claims to run on Blockchain technology. Meanwhile, Blockchain technology certifies transparency by allowing foolproof transactions. Blockchain technology also enables users to follow their trades in real-time. Disputes are also raised and solved by a feature called Smart Contracts.

Important information and resource about the tool, such as partner brokers and pricing, can be found on the tools resource page. 

Basic Features of Bitcoin Revolution

  • Verification System

Bitcoin Revolution verifies all information provided on account creation, including email addresses, within a short time. It is fast and accurate.

  • Customer Service Support

Bitcoin Revolution has a customer care system that is always available 24hours to attend to any issue. They are super responsive and accommodating.

  • Payout System

Calculating trading profits and the payout has never been this transparent and perfect. It is guaranteed that users will get their payout without issues or concerns of any kind.

  • Withdrawal System

Withdrawal has always been a huge concern for users of financial platforms, but in this case, withdrawal is quick, smooth and easy. Withdrawal is processed within 24hour of application.  


How to Use Bitcoin Revolution

Below are four steps required of users to start trading. These are steps we took while checking the usability of the tool. The goal here was to find out how easy it is to use the tool for anyone, which the tool proved perfect. In just four steps, anyone is ready to go;

  • Account Creation Process

To get started, one will need to create an account. Users are required to provide a name, phone number, email address, and a preferred password. Immediately the information provided is verified, the user is allowed to proceed. This process was easy and swift; it took just a few minutes to complete.

  1. Demo Trading

This feature helps users get acquainted with the system and how it operates before depositing money. Here, we are allowed to test out all the tool’s features and simulate what it feels like to trade live. This step will enable users to be aware of what happens during live trades, which is pretty interesting.

  1. Fund Deposit

Fund deposit is the point where a user deposits money into the created account. The process here is relatively smooth; no hitch, no glitch. The minimum deposit amount is a reasonable fee of $250. Users can make deposits through various services such as MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, and Visa are all available at the user’s disposal.

  1. Live Trading

Unlike some other bots, live trade with Bitcoin Revolution is much easier. Here, users must set a preferred parameter that will serve as a guide for the bot.  At the click of a button, the bot is ready to go.


After all thorough research and test, we can confirm that Bitcoin Revolution is indeed legit. With the evidence from customer reviews and feedback alone, it is no child play that the tool has a reputation of reliability. Also, Bitcoin Revolution partners with reputable brokers only, and these brokers are regularly in check to ensure the safety of users. 


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