7 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Morning

Wedding planning and organizing a memorable day for you, your partner, and your guests is stressful enough. This is why you need your wedding day morning to be calm and stress-free. Your caterers are ready, your makeup and hair professional is on the way, and your Cincinnati wedding photography is taken care of by the best photographer in your area. Now all you have to do is to relax, sit back and take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy what is potentially the most important day of your life. Listed below are some of the most helpful tips for a stress-free wedding morning

Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Morning

Have everything ready: Tempting as it may be, don’t keep the last-minute scurrying to the morning of the wedding. Have everything ready and laid out the night before. Your dress should be already hanging on a hanger, your wedding day jewelry should be ready, and your bridal shoe shoes be within reach. You can also keep anything that you might need, like your getting-ready robe, skincare, perfume, and moisturizer, so that on the morning of the wedding, there is nothing to do but get ready.

Have a timeline: A wedding schedule is important not just for you, but for everybody’s benefit. In this manner, we can successfully set the start and end times of each event for the day. Give everyone who matters a timeframe so that, perhaps, they won’t ask you about the timeline as often. It is also a must to hand out copies of the timeline to your wedding day vendors so that they arrive well in time.

Give yourself more time than you think you need: Allow yourself about two hours more than you anticipate needing. Anything like someone forgetting a specific item, car difficulty, getting lost, etc., can happen. By leaving some breathing room, you can ensure that there will still be more than enough time, that you won’t be late, and that nothing gets pushed back. Prepping for the big day can take longer than expected and clash with our time for portraits, or worse yet, the ceremony. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but it typically occurs because the wedding party’s collective hair and makeup time was underestimated. So, it is a really wise idea to have a hair and makeup trial before the wedding.

Create a playlist: Music instantly adds a celebratory vibe to the setting. Make a playlist or have your bridesmaid make one for the occasion. Make sure it has all of your favorite songs that will help you forget about the stressful parts of the morning and help you truly enjoy the moment. Sing and dance along to your favorite songs with your bridal crew, as this will go down in your memories as a lovely reminder of your wedding day.

Don’t forget to eat and hydrate: The wedding day is a hectic one. When you’re stressed, your appetite usually suffers. So that nobody goes without food on the wedding morning, make plans for breakfast, lunch, lots of munchies, and a few mimosas! Drink a lot of water, too! You’ll be on your feet all day, wearing a voluminous dress, and probably drinking wine; doing so on an empty belly puts you at risk. Take care of yourself and your girls by remembering to eat and hydrate.

Delegate: You should relax right now. It’s your wedding day. Your coordinator or planner is now in charge of all the preparation and planning. Assign a family member or friend who can take leadership and is familiar with the day’s events to be the point person if you don’t have a professional wedding planner. One of the most crucial elements to a stress-free wedding morning is the last-minute inquiries and any concerns that should go through them. Also have a delegated person carry your bridal emergency kit which has all the things you might ever need, from a safety pin to makeup touch-ups.

Keep your phone away: The last thing you need on the day of your wedding is your constantly ringing phone and the annoying notification ding! Hand it to a trusted friend or family member who can take care of any urgent messages if required, and it should be kept away from your hands as you get ready. Instead, be present at the moment and soak in the experience.

Planning a wedding comes with several components which need to be perfectly aligned. But all the work and effort and money spent is for a magical day that you will remember forever. Letting stress seep into your wedding day can surely rob you of some of the magic from the day. Prepare well so that this day is stress-free and filled with nothing but happiness.

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