Bitcoin; Everything You Should Know Before Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin; Everything You Should Know Before Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s practical application is just like any other precarious investment. This implies that your decision to take part in it solely depends on your investment goals and degree of risk tolerance. In case you are worried about bitcoin’s disadvantages, you should also learn of its merits to assist your decision-making process. 

Just like any other investment project, it is paramount that you know everything concerning Bitcoins before venturing into investment. This venture comes with numerous advantages and disadvantages that you must take note of.  However, trading in Bitcoins is generally a lucrative investment and investors so far are smiling all the way to the bank going by recent studies, also, Bitcoin is very safe and credible to use. 

Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and it is popularly viewed as a revolution in financial markets and today’s currency. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by a mysterious programmer only known as Satoshi Nakamoto. This crypto trading platform is operated on by a blockchain that cannot be easily corrupted in the favor of anyone.

Pros of using Bitcoin

As indicated above, Bitcoin is a global revolution in the financial markets and cryptocurrency sector. As such, it has been well embraced by several renowned businesses globally. Below are more of the benefits of trading with Bitcoins.

  • Fast and Economical

Bitcoins require just a small amount of time to do any transaction, the amount or destination notwithstanding. It also costs you a lot to move to the location of your bank in another part of the world. When you transact with Bitcoins, you only pay only a few bucks or nothing at all to send money to any part of the world. 

Bitcoin is not subject to any geographical limitations and the platform guarantees the protection of users’ rights making it a truly global trading medium.

Bitcoin investors can send or receive Bitcoin payments from anywhere, at any time and they have no restrictions. New traders often prefer robots for Bitcoin for safe trading. This is the most significant advantage of using Bitcoins. Furthermore, the platform offers various payment options to choose from.
  • Decentralized Issuance

Unlike traditional currency, Bitcoin is not valued or regulated by any authority or central bank, and neither can it be made or distributed by anyone else. Bitcoin is depoliticized since it is made by the people, eradicating the power that conventional currency has over the public. 

Bitcoin does not have any middle-man interference and thus nobody can freeze, demand, or charge your coins. They can as well not be stolen or seized by the government under any circumstances. Moreover, transacting with Bitcoins does not mandate you to diverge any of your confidential details since they use only a private and a public key. 

  • Reduced Risks of Fraud and Transparency

With Bitcoins crypto trading platform, buyers can complete transactions without divulging any private financial details to the seller. Just like other digital currencies, hackers cannot get access to Bitcoins in any way and your true identity remains forever hidden. Bitcoin uses a blockchain to store investors’ data and this guarantees their anonymity. 

The blockchain is also transparent and this allows investors to do business with total freedom and at their own time. Users are granted complete control over Bitcoins and they can keep their coins secure and stable. Blockchain technology guarantees high degrees of security and credibility. 

Cons of Using Bitcoin

Although a lot can be said on the bright side of Bitcoin, we cannot lack one or two factors on the flipside. Although very minimal, bitcoin’s disadvantages can be described as;-

  • Volatility

The prices of Bitcoin are known to be highly unpredictable, rising and falling constantly. Gamblers want to benefit from this but genuine business people think it is too risky and nobody invests in bitcoins. Also, Bitcoin lacks a regulatory oversight and the laws differ from region to region and are mostly contentious. This can unfortunately result in scams and frauds. 


The bottom line is that it is generally safe to transact with bitcoins since the platform has done a lot to guarantee the safety of users and its credibility. It is generally safe to trade in Bitcoin and tap into the benefits of using digital currency.  


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