Best views in Laguna Beach 

Best views in Laguna Beach 

Abundant sunshine and mild climate throughout the year attract visitors to California. Laguna Beach is a small town with numerous seaside resorts and a long stretch of sandy beaches south of Los Angeles. The city is located in Orange County, and it’s part of the LA metropolitan area. 

Laguna Beach is on hilly terrain that rises sharply from the ocean shoreline. Bluffs, rugged cliffs, and coves are other natural attractions in the city, and there are some exceptional viewpoints in Laguna Beach.

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Top viewpoints

The Hills and canyons of the San Joaquin Hills are excellent for hiking and exploring. The other benefit of this hilly scenery accompanied by long stretches of beach is impressive ocean views. 

An excellent start for your picture-taking adventure can be at Pirate Tower, a sixty-foot tall Victoria Tower on a sandstone cliff on Victoria Beach. It is a stone turret that looks kind of mysterious.

Crescent Bay Point Park is the ideal spot for a sunset picture overlooking seven miles of coastline. A short trail to the vantage point above Crescent Bay will give you a perfect viewpoint of Laguna Beach.

Combining hiking and viewpoints might be another terrific idea, and Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, with 7000 acres around Laguna Beach, offers numerous trails. You can walk through coastal canyons, visit the only natural lake in the region and go on a Water Tank trail for spectacular sights.

Top of the World and Heisler Park Gazebo is also a worthy choice if you’re looking for the best views in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach caves 

It would be a mistake to visit this small Californian town without checking out its beach caves, arches, and tide pools. One of the most exciting locations on the west coast is Thousand Steps Beach, where you’ll need to descend on 300 something steps and enjoy a secluded sandy beach. There is a rock arch on the northern part that leads to a hidden beach. This place is accessible on low tide, and you can explore this incredible cave.

Laguna Beach downtown 

The downtown neighbourhood has an off-beat vibe, and since the 50s, Laguna Beach has attracted independent artists. This fact is reflected in more than 70 art galleries, more than 400 active artists, and countless festivals throughout the year. The small beach town also has over a hundred public art placed around streets. You can explore murals and statues followed by coffee breaks in one of the numerous cafes. Of course, it will be easier to go around with the help of a free Laguna Beach trolley.

Free things to do in Laguna Beach 

While you’re browsing the downtown, you can acquire a map and go on a free self-guided art tour, and don’t miss on publically displayed art mentioned above. Tide pools are another prominent feature of Laguna Beach and the Californian coast, and you can pick up a brochure in the Visitor Center to check out and recognize marine life in the pools. 

One of the best ocean parks in the area is Treasure Island, where you can walk on the cliffs, enjoy the long sandy beach, or have a picnic on well-maintained grass. 

If you like marine life, you can visit the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, the only of its sort in Orange County. You can encounter sea lions and seals, among other animals. 

Above the main beach, you can find Heisler Park, with exceptional views of the beach and the whole coastline. Park has lovely gardens, some of the city’s sculptures, and a gazebo ideal for Instagram selfies. You can also enjoy free concerts in Rockpile Amphieather Fridays from May to September.

Local Laguna Art Museum has a free concert program every second Thursday of the month during Laguna Beach Live. You can enjoy classical, jazz, and other music genres from various upcoming artists.

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Bottom Line

If you’re tired of a bustling Californian metropolis like LA or San Francisco, the state has numerous small towns centred around beautiful beaches. Laguna Beach is a sanctuary for artists for decades. It is one of the birthplaces of the surfing movement and has numerous attractions. So whether you like sunbathing or drinking coffee and browse arts, Laguna Beach is a great choice.

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