Benefits of Using Moultrie Cameras


It is difficult for an individual to stay the night in dangerous forests and wildlife where one is exposed to wild animals that can harm them. Moultrie cameras can help one experience nature vividly and vicariously through its lens without physically having to be in that situation. Here are some qualities of a moultrie camera that give it an edge over the rest.


Long battery hours

Most cameras can work for about 2-3 hours at a maximum. While scouting the jungles, it is necessary to notice every detail and a 2-hour battery would not suffice. A moultrie camera can stay the whole night and at a maximum of 24 hours for advanced night watching. It can retain information and since it updates every footage to the phone directly, one could always save the necessary videos in different places. Almost all of them are even solar-powered batteries or contain regular batteries that charge throughout the day hence requiring no replacement of any sort.


Phone operation

A simple app can be downloaded and activated to run throughout. Every footage and information can be accessed by your phone in case one cannot physically handle the camera when unavailable. One could also receive customised alerts on their phone regarding battery, footage, or anything else they want to be notified of. Many cameras even contain mapping systems and built-in GPS to locate where the camera is in situations of dense forests where it is easy to lose the camera.


High-quality image recognition

Since most cameras that collect heavy data have a low-quality recording to save space for so much video, it is not worth the money. This camera, although, has a high definition differentiation between humans and animals and can accurately record the necessary elements with no distortion or pixelation. It is easy to identify what the screen is recording even in the darkest of hours. Vehicle or human activities like tampering or just as small as passing-by can be recorded and sent straight to the mobile of the owner.



Any new object in a jungle might create curiosity among the wildlife leading them to panic or tamper with the camera. These cameras come in camouflaged colours and shades which blend with the forest hence leading to animals not realising their presence. They are available in different shapes as well. They can be wrapped around trees, kept on small stands, mounted on phones, and more for camouflaging with the background. Since low-level cameras can still be harmed unknowingly, they come with security holders that have hard shells which prevent the camera from breaking.


Wi-fi connections 

To connect to the phones, the cameras use wifi technology as it can be connected from far distances and transmit data instead of having to collect it by oneself. They also have security backups in case the transmitted quality is lower, deleted or any other possibility.


When in the wild, it is important to acknowledge the space of the wildlife and let them be. Disturbing their habitat has caused enough extinctions and led to many disasters. It is necessary to buy proper equipment and record them without invading their space. This process is not just harmful to the animals, but also to the person recording them as in many cases the lights from the camera and the flashes can become a trigger to many animals causing them to attack the person. These situations are best avoided by using specialised camouflaged moultrie cameras which are kept in specific places away from the animals’ vicinity.





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