Benefits of Mini Bongs

Bongs have a long and rich history, as this is a good way to smoke any kind of dried herb, like weed and tobacco. Thus, people have utilized water pipes for years. Today’s weed users buy simplified variants of these devices which operate on a similar principle to traditional water pipes. Only the materials used in their production are thermostable and safe.

The final result is very satisfying because the smoke obtained from this water pipe has a unique taste and high potential. So, the desired effect is achieved faster (and healthier) than with standard weed smoking or vaping. That makes bongs a good choice for both light and heavy smokers.

As for some things in life, there’s a saying that size matters. When something is bigger, the logical assumption is that it’s better, stronger, and better quality. It might be true if you plan to share your weed (see here how to do that safely). But small bongs can also do pretty good jobs, especially for taking hits on the go. So, if you wonder whether to buy one, we present all its good sides.


Convenience is certainly the advantage of mini bongs that stands out the most, and due to this device size, it’s obvious. You can wear your smoking accessory wherever you want, and it’s small enough to wear in a purse or travel bag without even taking it apart. Most models are no taller than 6 inches, and regardless of the material they are made of, they are very light.

If you’re clumsy, you can easily knock any bong over, especially when they’re smaller. Of course, larger devices are heavier and more difficult to break or damage. But portability is on the side of small devices because you can put them away after each use. Since they don’t take up too much space, you can store them in any drawer or cabinet.

Mini bongs are fun to use but not meant to be shared. Of course, you can do that, but then hygiene, the risk of transferring bacteria, infections, etc., comes into question. When it comes to sharing, larger water pipes and dab rigs with several mouthpieces are always better options. Simply, you’re not in contact with other people’s saliva and germs. And if you plan to share hints, it’s desirable to have handy add-ons like rubber or silicone mouthpieces. 

Better Filtration

Bongs of all sizes work on a similar principle – the weed is heated in the bowl while you pull smoke through the mouthpiece on the opposite side. Along the way, the smoke passes through a weed pipe base filled with water that serves as a filter. This results in purified smoke freed from most combustion by-products – they remain in that water.

With smaller bongs, this filtration process is quite efficient. In a smaller device, the smoke takes a shorter route from the bowl through the water to your lungs. This filtration creates a good feeling because the initial heat of the smoke is reduced, so it’s now pleasantly cool and smooth but still potent and full of flavor. Of course, hits aren’t as smooth as those in larger bongs (the larger bases hold more water), but they aren’t harsh to your airways.

Some smokers prefer cannabis concentrates over dried weed, and these mini devices can serve that purpose, too, but they’re primarily intended for dried herbs. There are models specifically for both weed supply types, which you can see by the bowl shape. Concentrates are resin-based, so their use will require more regular cleaning of deposits.

Cleaning Is a Breeze

The smaller the surface of the smoking accessory you use, the easier its maintenance. Especially when it comes to tiny, portable bongs, i.e., waterpipes. Most impurities from combustion remain in the water, so there will not be too many deposits on the walls of the container. If you regularly change the water after each use, deep cleaning of the bong is only necessary once a month.

Cleaning this device is very simple because all you have to do is fill it with isopropyl alcohol and salt and shake it a little. That will soften the deposits on the glass. Then soak your mini bong in alcohol and leave it overnight. The next day, you can remove the combustion residues with a piece of cotton wool or cotton swab for hard-to-reach places. Rinse everything well, and you’re good to go.


Logically, for me, bongs need less material to make, and thus the price for these devices is lower. These affordable water pipes come in handy for weed beginners as their first bong but also for all those who simply need a smaller bong for smoking on the go. In this case, shrunk in size led to a shrink in price, but not the quality of your hints.

Apart from the fact that the mini bong costs less, it takes less weed for bowl filling. Considering that a specific filtration method results in more potent hits, you can achieve the desired effect with less weed supply. Since quality cannabis is on the price, it can bring significant savings and mean the world if you smoke on a budget.

Of course, the price range for these mini devices also varies. So, you can find affordable models made of heat-safe borosilicate glass that cost only a few tens of dollars. On the other hand, there are designed pieces that look like miniature works of art, and for this pleasure, you will shell out several hundred dollars. More tips on choosing a bong find on this source.

Whether you’re a weed newbie or a seasoned smoker, it’s always good to have a smoking device that allows you to enjoy your hints to the fullest. Mini bongs are simple, convenient, and affordable ways to smoke weed on the go and enjoy it all by yourself. O whether you enjoy cannabis at home or plan a trip, this ”grab and go” accessory can be by your side. 


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