A Look at the CBD Distillation Process

Due to a blanket ban that spanned decades, medical research into the beneficial chemicals found in the cannabis plant slowed to a crawl. Times are changing though, and the medicinal properties of the plant have proven so efficacious they’re impossible to ignore.

Did you know that the global market for CBD products is likely to reach almost 60 billion by 2030? If you weren’t convinced, there’s your proof!

If you’re interested to learn more about CBD and the CBD distillation process, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more!

CBD Distillate Effects

The medical marijuana market has come on by leaps and bounds in recent years. Pharmaceutical uses of cannabis-related products have paved the way for changes in legality. Most of the legal friction surrounding these products stems from the psychoactive chemical THC.

Because of the potential for abuse, THC is still tightly controlled and regulated. Due to the red tape involved with cannabis products, many manufacturers focus on the non-psychoactive side of things. CBD is one of the more well-known and popular of these chemicals.

CBD distillate uses are beneficial and wide-ranging. CBD has been shown to soothe and calm an anxious mind while also having an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body. These beneficial effects are even more desirable after being divorced from the often unnecessary high of THC.

CBD Oil Distillation Process

CBD is extracted through distillation. The CBD distillation process extracts the desired compound from crude oil through vaporization and re-condensation. This involves equipment designed to heat the material to a specific temperature where vaporization occurs.

The vapor is then allowed to cool and condense back into a liquid. It’s this liquid that we know as the distillate product. Depending on the desired distillate, different temperatures are used to condense and concentrate specific compounds. Bulk distillates are now available for the manufacture of cosmetic goods, oils, pills, tinctures, etc.

Bulk distillates allow for products to easily incorporate the beneficial properties of each desired compound without having to deal with the tedious extraction process themselves. For example, bulk CBD and CBG extraction can now be safely left to professionals.

The purchase of bulk distillates also allows the manufacturer to deal with the legal side of things. The purchase and sale of any product that includes THC is deemed illegal without proper approval. Buying THC-free distillates also saves you the worry of any potential liability.

CBD Distillation 

CBD distillation is a complicated process that requires expensive equipment and skilled operators to achieve. Once completed, the pure distillate has a wide range of applications, making it worth its weight in gold.

If you haven’t felt the effects of CBD, maybe it’s time to experience them for yourself! You might find they’re just what you’re looking for.

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