What is PR in SEO? 5 Tactics to Ignite Your Strategy

What is PR in SEO? 5 Tactics 

Digital PR is an online marketing specialist, used to create publicity around content, products, or brands by getting coverage in online media channels and outlets. It encompasses various strategies such as interviewing on podcasts, guest posting on sites, link-building, and sponsored posts. SEO building on the other hand employs strategies such as keyword ranking, content updates and search engine optimization with the aim of making your site rank highly.

Therefore, Public relations in SEO refers to digital campaigns whose objectives are SEO oriented. Combining these two disciplines can improve your website outreach and boost your public relations to surpass the status quo. This article provides a guide on ways your Public relations and SEO can join forces and the resulting benefits.

Ways to Integrate your Public relations and SEO

Diverse backlink building

Backlink building entails having other websites post a link to a page on your site. This boosts your credibility  and enables to improve how your content ranks on Google. It is advisable to drive backlinks to other pages of your site other than the homepage. Hence, the need for content that is valuable to the reader and offers insights. Using trends and updated reports within your niche can help showcase your relevance to your audience.

Site outreach for more than just domain authority

Apart from domain authority, there are other factors that you should focus on when choosing sites to collaborate with. These factors include the website’s overall traffic, spam rate and citation and trust flow. It is advisable to focus on relevance and expertise, check whether the site’s content aligns with yours. Equally, avoid sites with high spam score as this can affect your Google ranking. With new updates by Google, you may incur serious penalties by associating with sites that are deemed spammy.

Employ third-party tools to keep you updated

Building a comprehensive outreach strategy is involving and can take all your attention and focus. There is an assortment of third-party tools that digital public relations departments can employ to help them stay in the loop while working on outreach strategies. These tools perform technical functions such as inspecting your site’s health and backlink auditing. You can also use them to find quality sites for back linking and guest posting. Third-party sites can help accelerate your SEO and public relation strategies and save on time.

Focus on quality content

Quality content is king. Providing your audience with valuable, original and refreshing content is what will keep them coming back for more. Whether on your site or on other site or guest blog, any informative content you use for link building should always be relevant and appealing to your target audiences.

Understand the individual needs of your audience

Every individual in your site’s traffic has individual needs and motivations you should understand. With the right technology, it is possible to track each user’s navigation and tell whether referral traffic is converting or exiting a page. These tools enable public relations and SEO departments to understand what drives the traffic to certain landing pages.

Benefits of Digital Public Relations in your SEO Strategy

A great content strategy can improve the overall quality and SEO ranking of your content in various ways. Some benefits of comprehensive digital public relations to your SEO strategy include:

  • It builds credibility:A well-thought-out strategy will give users a chance to see what your brand is about. This in turn boosts your trustworthiness, authoritativeness and expertise.
  • It drives traffic from the right audience:An effective digital public relations campaign should drive traffic from customers with genuine interest in that industry and are ready to consume what you offer.
  • It creates brand awareness:Google identifies and rewards high authority websites with high ranking. Effective strategies can help strengthen your visibility and brand awareness.
  • It  helps you compete fairly: A good campaign can improve your brand visibility and authority, helping you compete with market leaders in your niche.

In conclusion, the integration of digital public relation strategies and SEO tactics is beneficial to your overall marketing goal. There are various tactics you can use to ignite your strategy. Click here to learn more about digital public relations and SEO practices.


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